Agro Tech Liberia launches training for home farming


As hunger increases as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a local youth based agriculture nongovernmental organization, Agro Tech Liberia has launched in Monrovia an emergency food security initiative directed at bridging the food supply gap which accompanied the lock down and stay home measures. 

The initiative has an online training segment that will provide tips and skills to individuals who would like to use their stay home time to learn new skills as it relate to growing what they eat. The training begins on Wednesday, May 6-8, 2020 at 4:00 to 5:00PM daily. 

According to Jonathan S. Stewart, Lead Campaigner for the group, reports on global food and hunger are troubling.

He stated that hunger has been projected to increase dramatically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The United Nations has warned that the world is on the brink of a hunger pandemicwhich could lead to a multiple famine of biblical proportion within a few months.

“So it is important for nations to brace themselves and take actions relative to doubling local food production which can greatly be supported by home farming/back yard gardenin”, Stewart lamented. 

The free online training on back yard Garden cultivation/home gardening is intended to strengthen Liberia food security in this time of emergency and global food crisis.

It is about giving agronomic and smart skills to non-agriculture individuals to carry out planting of food crops where they are lockdownespecially short term food crops.

This will directly reduce the food shortage as rural-urban food supply chains have been affected greatly by the virus containment measures and policy.

The initiative is also gear towards enhancing the physical and emotional wellbeing of citizens as they stay home from regular work and business activities. 

It will be a de-stressing, weightcontrol and new experience acquisition for participants as they will be at home to prepare planting area and planting materialsusing smart techniques for optimum yield. 

The training which has facilitators from Liberia, Uganda and Sierra Leone will place emphasis on, smart techniques for urban growing, soil preparation and maintenance, Selection of planting materials and planting techniques. 

The three day training and coaching sessions will be done online and with a subsequent technical support (advise) to participants.

They will get technical advice from the team in the process of carrying out their planting activities. 

The training is free and is open to all individuals from any professional or geographic location.