Ahead of the 2020 Election, Labor Ministry Warns Parents Against Election-Related Child Trafficking


Liberia’s lead task coordinator on trafficking Atty. Phil Tarpeh Dixon has alarmed over the worrisome wave of child trafficking in the Country.

Though the data he said on the exact number is not known up to press time but Atty, Dixon disclosed and confirmed that a relatively huge number of Liberian children are being trafficked but no sufficient data and or information on whether it is for labor or sex purposes.

However, he indicated that practice is usually observed from rural to urban communities in Liberia.

According to him the Ministry of Labor has put in place several measures to help curtail such bad practice, naming Education, Awareness creation and Security among the people as some initial steps to help address the situation.

Mr. Dixon observed that of recent some children were trafficked from neighboring Sierra Leone to Liberia during the elections for unspecified reasons.

He said it is important for the Ministry of Labor to guide parents to provide proper care and protection for them especially ahead of the 2020 election period.

“Children could be used for elections related rituals and we at the Labor Ministry are under obligation to raise the red flag and to warned our parents to take the necessary precaution”, he added.

Globally it is estimated that about 24.9m people are victimized as a result of trafficking across the world this the Ambassador at large at the United States Embassy accredited near Monrovia to monitor trafficking in persons John Cotton Richmond means that about 27.9m people are also experiencing the same problem.

He said these people are struggling globally on a daily basis and are unable to make independent decision or work for themselves due to the condition in which they are undergoing.

Speaking to reports the American envoy said some victims are even exploited through sex trafficking or commercial sex including labor trafficking among others.

He acknowledged that Liberian Laws covers all forms of trafficking and are working to help address the global issue.

As part of efforts globally to tackle the worrisome issue Mr. Richmond said they have derived at what he referred to as triple-PPP, Prosecution, Protection and Prevention respectively.

Under prosecution he said they are working to hold traffickers accountable for their illegal action while under Protection, they are formulating plans and programs to cater to victims especially those who are or were traumatized as a result of human and other forms of trafficking and finally he pointed out that under prevention, they are also working to ensure that the necessary atmosphere and conditions are put in place to help prevent the global situation.