The Albino Society of Liberia on Tuesday October 8, 2019 gathered at the grounds of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The group that was mostly young people and children complained that, the government has turned it’s back on the association almost leaving them to their own fate.

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According to the Executive Director of the Liberia Albino Society, Madam Patricia Logan, complained with tears that, the government is no more paying attention to the Albino Society of Liberia. Madam Patricia complained that, the association budget have been slashed from 15,000 United States Dollars to 75, 000 United States Dollars. She added, with such reduction in the budget, the government is not even living up to its support for albinos in Liberia. According to Madam Logan, due to the delay, support and Funds to the association, students who are on the association scholarship are unable to continue their education this year. She noted that, other children who are on other supports of the association can not also be taken care of. The Executive Director continue to appeal to the government to immediately attend to their aid to help get their office in District 15.