ALCOP to Launch Membership Recruitment

ALCOP Chairman Ansu Dulleh

By Eric Gerlay (Intern)

All Liberia Coalition Party (ALCOP) says it will launch a massive membership draft this week as part of plans to re brand various departments of the party ahead of the 2020 mid-term and 2023 general elections.

The National chairman of the Party, Ansu V.S. Dulleh made the disclosure on Monday, June 29, when he appeared as a guest on a local radio talk show.

Mr. Dulleh said, the Thursday’s event will provide a membership draft for all Liberians wanting to be a member of the party and as well as reorganizing chapters of the party across the country.

The move, according to the ALCOP National chairman, is meant to strengthen and rebrand the arms of the party for the elections.

“We have several events, including our outreach program that we have been carrying on successfully, and our COVID-19 relief program. We will begin our mass membership recruitment process on Thursday, beginning from our headquarters on camp Johnson road. Our partisans are responding, and the message is being resonated between and among our people,” Chairman Dulleh said.

At the same time, the national chairman has dispelled rumors about the party’s alleged collaboration with the ruling establishment, adding that ALCOP is an independent political party geared towards winning state power in future elections.

“I haven’t seen any documents of collaboration with the Coalition for Democratic Change. This party is an independent political party and we are not in the business of castigating people. We will not promote other political parties by abusing the president, we are matured and responsible political party,” Dulleh said.

Mr. Dulleh further said, ALCOP remains critically engaged into in mature and responsible criticism of the government for an accountable and a transparent leadership for the Liberian people. He added that the party is not in the business of making mere accusations that are not factual about the presidency.

“It is one thing to accuse someone of embezzlement and it is another thing to prove that the individual actually embezzled. You cannot criticize somebody that they have stolen money and you don’t know where the money was stolen from.”

ALCOP is a political party founded in 1997 and participated in the July 19, 1997, election.

ALCOP presidential candidate Alhaji G.V. Kromah won 4.02% of the vote and won 3 of 64 seats in the House of Representatives and 2 of 26 in the Senate as well as one seat in the Senate and two in the House of Representatives in the October 11, 2005 general Presidential elections.