All is set for LFA debate today, says SWAL’s President Roland Mulbah.


The President of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia (SWAL) Roland Mulbah said all is set for the holding of the crucial debates for qualified candidates ahead of the LFA’s election.
The debate which will be organized by the Sports Writers Association of Liberia will see seven candidates both for the positions of Vice President for operations and Administration discussing issues as well as convincing electorates on why they should be elected to the respective posts.
According to Mr. Mulbah all of the formalities leading to the kick off of the debate have been concluded as the stage he noted is set for the candidates to engage each other in a constructive intellectual exchange.
“We are well prepared for the program and we promise to conduct the process professionally, peacefully void of distraction as well as confrontation” , SWAL boss noted.
He appeal to the candidates ahead of the process to be civil, discuss the issues and do away with character assisination for the betterment of the only vibrant Association, the LFA.
Those to stretch intellectual muscles for the position of Vice president for Administration are with no specific order: Sekou Konneh, Ciata Bishop, Adolphus Solo and Sekou Keita while for Vice president for operations are: Ansu v.s Dulleh, Wilmot Smith and Bishop Allen Kaylee.
At the climax of the process qualified voters will now evaluate among the candidates to see who is best suited for the respective positions.
Meanwhile the Presidential debate will take place tomorrow at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in central Monrovia.
Until 12pm today for the kick off of the SWAL’s LFA debate the ATS is already set to host the candidates.
Nb:The debate will be screen live on KMTV Liberia’s number Television station so all you need to do is to get set by 12 today to follow the discussion.