Alleged Arm Robber Loses Legs, Hand Following Mob Violence in Paynesville


By: Eric Gerlay (Intern)

Unknow residents of Cook Spoon Hill Community in Paynesville, have chop off the left hand, broke the right leg and half way cut off the left foot of an alleged arm robber in their community.

Mr. James Cooper was seeing lying in a pool of blood and surrounded by community dwellers who came to take a glimpse of him with some, raining insults and identifying him as a criminal.

The laws of Liberia is straightly against mob justice and people engaged in such acts are also prosecuted under in Court.

Speaking to KMTV on Tuesday, the alleged arm robber Mr. Coper who is popular called Jesen , claimed he was attacked by some unknown men at 1:00am while on his way home.

” It was about 1:00am when I was on my way home from Royal Plus club. When I entered my community, some men started chasing me and hitting me with stakes.

That’s how I fell down and they started chopping me with their cutlasses. I live in this community with my wife and children and I crack rocks for living. I am not what these people are saying I am”, he narrated.

At the same time, many eyes witness who spoke with KMTV claimed they have known Mr. Cooper as someone who has been involved with criminal activities, ranging from arm robbery and selling of dangerous drugs and couple with several Human Right violations.

“The only thing almost everyone can tell you about Cooper is that he’s a notorious criminal. He has on many occasions exchanged firearms with the Police; he is a drugs seller and arm robber.

Even when the Police came here to see him, they said Mr. Cooper exchanged shooting firearms with them” An eye witness said.

Mr. Cooper whose two legs were broken, one hand chopped off and severely bleeding however, denied the claims of the community dwellers adding, they are falsely alleging about his activities to cover up their violent actions against him.

“They are just saying all these things because you know they hurt me so badly and that this is the only way they think they can cover up.

The police came here, and they saw me. But they said they were going to bring car for me to be taken to hospital. Even my wife and children came here, but they have gone to make some arrangements for me to be taken from here. I am also calling on Government and the Police to come to my help”, He said.

The Cook Spoon Hill Community and its surrounding communities in Paynesville have recently been areas that are highly hit by alleged acts of arm robbery and terror with constant sounds of shooting at night.