AMEU Students Termed Online Learning as Untimely.


Several students of the African Methodist Episcopal University have termed the online learning introduced by the university as untimely and not in the interest of the student body.

During the week, student leaders of the University gathered in their numbers to engage the administration on the challenges students are faced with as it relates to the online classes launched by the university.

The students noted that they are excited about the innovative ideas of the administration, but expressed dissatisfaction over the many challenges associated with the process and has been downplayed by the administration of the University.

Mathew Barian, one of the student Leaders at the University, said the online learning process requires electronical devices, something he said many of the students don’t have access to.

Mathew said, the situation, if not critically addressd by the administration, he fears massive failures as so many students may not attend the online classes.

According to him, some students have threaten to take the administration of the African Methodist Episcopal University to court if they do not address their concerns; some of them have threaten an injunction on the process as many of the students may not acquire the knowledge that are to be given in the online classes.

He stated that even some of the instructors are finding it difficult to teach in the online classes because it was poorly planned by the university.

He further noted that student leaders of the AMEU, were not involved in the planning or decision that led to the online learning, and that they were only inform by the newly appointed President, Rev. Alvin E. Attah about the University decision to migrate to online learning amidst the global pandemic, COVID 19.

Nevertheless, members of the Student Governing Council-AMEU have engaged the administration and provided recommendations and alternatives to the administration but yield no result.

Some of the recommendations provided include, the provision of alternatives for students that are challenged with the online learning process; including Physically challenge students, provision of free data to students inorder to access the online learning classes and to do a visual education on how students can access the online classes; how they can use the online classes.

Meanwhile, according to the administration they are working on modalities to address all concerns of the students to smoothly end the semester during these global pandemic.