ANC Cummings Wants  CoP Acting Leader  Dumoe Free

Mr. Menipakei Dumoe

Alternative National Congress Political leader Alexander Cummings is calling on the Liberian Government to immediate release from detention  Mr. Menipakei Dumoe.

Cummings said the arrest only shows that the Coalition for Democratic Change Government headed by George Weah, is now muzzling opposition figures and freedom of speech in Liberia.

Speaking to journalist after he visited the detained CoP Acting Chairman , Cumming said, “ We believed he done nothing illegal, he made a post that was ill advise , not appropriate , but it did not violate the laws  and we don’t understand why he’s been held in violation of Liberian laws and so we want to come and show support and encourage the government to obey the rule of law.”

Alexander Cummings

In his post, Mr. Dumoe wrote: “We don’t need bags of rice. I say the poor in Liberia needs AK47s so our leaders can take us seriously.” Moses Carter said “We see that as a threat to national security.”

Liberia’s Solicitor General  Cllr. Cyrennius Cephus, justified that the Facebook post by Menipakei Dumoe has the propensity to created fear among the Liberian people and is against the State of Emergency proposed by his boss George Weah. “We’re not in normal times. You can criticize your government but to give an order for a call to arms is various serious”.

Cephus says, government is reviewing evidence to properly prosecute the CoP Acting Chairman.

But the ANC Political leader said the operations of the Liberian government clearly suggest that they are muzzling opposition and wants to put fear in anyone expressing diverse views on issues in Liberia .  “ We reject the Government’s attempt to muzzle the opposition, to put fear in people who have a different point of view.”

In another development Coalition for Democratic Change Lawmaker Accarus Gray says, the CDC government encourages free speech and will not engage in chasing opposition out of Liberia as was done under previous government.

“We have not come to pay debt at all, we want a democratic space in our country, Simon Freeman ran out of this country, Vandalark Patrick ran out of this country.”

Representative Gray an executive of the ruling CDC government addressing the press at his home on Unification Day, also beg for the release of the CoP Acting Chairman.

“Thou I want him (Menipakei Dumoe) to face the law , but because today is Unification Day , to err is human to forgive is divine and I know the little boy is crying because he’s not used to the prison compound; but I would ask, I would beg that this should be a warning for each and everyone.”

Representative Gray wants his statement not to be misinterpret by anyone as was done with some of his colleagues in Government. “I’m not saying temper with the law ,don’t go misquote me like you took Tweh (Finance Minister Samuel Tweh) statement running all around with it as if he’s not respecter of the law , but I think Dumoe should be forgiven on this faithful day.

And I will stay go and shake hands with the little comrade and make him to understand that this is the beginning with his own battle.

Because it is the beginning of his own battle, he must take cue, let him go and sin no more.”

Also weighing on the discussion, Campaigners for Change Executive Director, Vandalark Patrick speaking on KMTV-Diaspora Talk Wednesday, said it was ill advice for a major leader of the opposition community to post such on social media.

“It is totally unacceptably,  in  my mind that statement was counter productive , it needed not to be issue by our comrade Dumoe.

His statement  was out of order , looking at the position he bears, Dumoe needed to have consider himself as a leader.”

Mr. Patricks also lashed at the Liberian government for creating an issue out of a Facebook post as the country battles COVID-19.  “I felt that the government went beyond on moral grounds to have create the condition where his statement can be seeing as a basis for creating insurrection in the country. The government should have also realized that the character in question has no history of violence”

The Campaigners for Change leader who was once incarcerate by the Unity Party government headed by former Liberian leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, believes that Mr. Dumoe’s statement was out of  frustration  and that that CDC government  needed to have relax its energy that it is using to go after an individual who has no semblance of violence.

Vandalark Patrick

“I doubt whether he had killed a chicken before , so to weigh his statement and process it in a political context to say it is an act of political incitement  or trying to bring insurrection in the country.”

Up to press time Mr. Dumoe is current behind bars awaiting charges by the Liberian government .

Investigation continues ….