Anonymous Donor Defrays Cost Of Gay Man’s Tuition In Liberia


By: Gboko Stewart,

Monrovia-A donor, who preferred not to be named, has defrayed the cost of Mohammed Sheriff’s semester 2 tuition to enable him to complete high school, following a meeting arranged by journalRAGE’s founder, Gboko Stewart.

Sheriff was accompanied to the meeting, which was held at an undisclosed location, by Alfred Jones (not his real name), an LGBT social worker who shelters him.

Sheriff (not his real name), a young gay man whose mother disowned him over his sexuality, stirred the hearts of readers when his story was published by journalRAGE and later lifted by FrontPage Africa. The cost of tuition is LD$30,000 (US$150).

During the meeting, the donor urged Sheriff to remain steadfast and focus on his education as it is the only surest path to get out of his lowest moments.

The donor reminded him that the Liberian society is still ignorant in its acceptance of LGBTQ people and henceforth, security should at all times remain paramount on his agenda to safeguard his life.

The magnanimous donor also cautioned young Sheriff to practice safe sex as HIV is prevalent and he must also be wary of predators who might be seeking to exploit his vulnerability.

“There are many men out there looking for young boys like you because of your condition so you have to be very careful,” the donor said. The donor also gave an additional US$40 to handle other miscellaneous academic activities.

Responding, Sheriff thanked the donor for the timely gesture as he was worried over the payment of his tuition. He promised to furnished the donor with his academic reports and other receipts from the payment to ensure transparency and accountability in his dealings with the donor.

Also speaking during the meeting, Alfred Jones thanked the donor for the contribution and promised to follow up on Sheriff’s progress with the donor via journalRAGE’s founder.

Another donor who also came to the aid of Sheriff with a donation of US$20 is Ms. Benita Urey, founder of the Liberian Influence. Ms. Urey used her platform to share Sheriff’s plight and made calls for donations to help him.

NOTE: Journal Rage is an online news magazine platform dedicated to giving Liberia’s rainbow community a voice. We bring sexual minority issues to the spotlight in Liberia.

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