Armed Robbers Attacks Residents in Buchanan  


Armed men have burglarized, shot and wounded two tenants in a facility in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Linda Brown 21years  and Mekie Peidu, 6- years  were attached Tuesday June 1, 2021 night when the criminal gang sneak into their homes at midnight.

Linda Brown was shot with a single barrel gun on her right foot while Little Mekie Peidu was shot on her foot as well.

Mr. Augustus J. Cartive, husband of Linda Brown who is a victim told our correspondent that his wife noticed some strange people creeping in their house and decided to check the residence it was when she encountered  the criminals and they put her and others under gun point.

He said the armed robbers locked all the rooms in the house to prevent occupants from going out of the building or raising  alarm; and that he as a man could not put-up resistance or else who could have been kill.

Narrating further on the condition of his wife, Cartive said, health workers inform him that the X-ray test conducted showed remaining shots in their legs of his wife after removing about 10 shots from the bullet that entered into her body parts.

Grieving, he prayed that his family gets better as he called on State Security to intervene.  “I hope that the Police will work to arrest, investigate and prosecute all those involved in harming people for their belongings.  This country is getting too bad, and the government needs to stand tall in combating bad doers”.

Also commenting on the incident, the Liberia National Police Commander in Grand Bassa County, Sackor Freeman, confirmed the attacked on the home and said they visited the victims at the hospital, and it was established that they were shot several times and bullets particles are in their body parts.

Freeman said, they have tightened  up their surveillance team to track down the criminals gang but appealed to citizens and residents of Grand Bassa to assist Police officers in communities to fight crimes by providing substantial information that will lead to the arrest of the criminals.

“We have the manpower to handle any crisis in the county, we are just appealing to the citizens to support us (LNP), with information if they noticed extraordinary things happening in their communities to prevent it from reoccurring “commander Freeman added.

Meanwhile, our reporter is quoted as saying that citizens of the area who visited the scene of the incident were heard threatening and grumbling that they will engage into what they described as “Citizen’s Actions’ if those who committed the incident are caught.

The Liberian laws prohibits mob justice and seriously encourage Liberians to seek redress through the legal process.

The citizens said they are living in living in complete fear and need government to protect them adequately.