As Liberia Ranks Among Sixty Peaceful Countries Globally, President George Weah Hails For His Peaceful Leadership


In the wake of political mixed views, protests, and economic crisis in Liberia, the Global peace index June report ranked Liberia among sixty peaceful Countries in the world.

The report according to a release ranks Liberia above France, Greece and other great Europeans countries.

The 2019 June GPI report places Liberia in category with UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany and other powerful nations in the world!

” This is a milestone that we all Liberians should celebrate especially in a short space of time”, Says President George Weah.

According to the release Liberians were hailed for their resilience in helping to keep the peace but a special recognition and commendation was extended to the Liberian leader, George Weah for what it termed as his unending peaceful leadership style.

The report came in less than a month after some protesters staged a peaceful protest under the umbrella of saving the state, such protest was recorded in Liberian history of late as the most peaceful and organized one with both government and the protesters hailed for helping to keep the peace despite political and or religious differences.

In addition to making sure the Country is peaceful and violence free, President Weah has on Tuesday instructed the Justice Ministry to launch an investigation into the Kingsville shooting incident with report and or findings expected in one week.

The decision by the Liberian leader came less than twenty-four hours after the fracas with some angry residents and the police who were demanding investigation into the mysterious deaths of two kids in the community.

” My focus is to ensure that Liberia remains peaceful and the rights of all Liberians are respected and protected at all times”, President Weah noted.

It can be recalled that the Liberian leader in most of his public statements always preach peace and national reconciliation as well as dialogue, saying they are the engines to lasting development and growth of the nation and its people.

” Without peace, we cannot move forward, without peace, there can be no development, and many others” he uttered.

The latest report now puts the president and the people of Liberia under the spotlight to do all it takes to ensure the Country remains peaceful and to as well make sure that those vises that leads to war are discouraged and worked out for the benefit of all.