As The Demand For Passport heightens, Government Suspends Ordinary Passport Issuance For Five Days


The Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has with immediate effect suspended the issuance of ordinary passports for five Days.

The decision which came to many potential applicants and Liberians in general according to reports is as a result of the influx of applicants at the Passport Bureau who are now desperate in need of obtaining Passport.

Unlike in the past, the number of people seeking to obtain Passport now has tripled due to the ongoing Diversity visa (DV) process.

The new process now compares DV applicants to obtain a valid passport before partaking in the process something that now see a huge demand of such crucial document as hundreds of Liberians trooped at the ministry of Foreign Affairs daily just to obtain a passport.

The influx has now pressured as well as overwhelmed workers at the Passport Bureau as well as the necessary machines or equipment to work with daily.

According to an insider the printing machine is overly loaded and needs back-up due to the current process.

Some of the applicants who visited the Passport Bureau on Monday October 21, 2019 expecting to received their passports or go through the process were  shock over the decision by the government while others see it as not timely especially during the current DV process.

Under the hot sun, some of the applicants were seen wondering what to do next as murmuring and many others were the order of the day.

At the same time some of them recommended additional machines including more manpower at the Bureau in order to speed up work at that operational area of national government that is raising more revenue for the Government.

According to one of the applicants, the government needs to be more proactive and support the Passport Department to ensure that they generate needed revenue mainly during this struggling time of the Country’s economy.

“Let’s spend more money on what is giving us money, another applicant” intoned.

Currently work is still ongoing at the Passport Department but mainly for previous applicants who completed their process already including the express category.

Until the expiration of the five days’ potential applicants will have to be very patient with the government in order to address their issue at the expense of the deadline process of the DV which is scheduled for early next month.

The Passport Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of late has been plague with challenges ranging from corruption to poor management and many others.

The latest decision appears to be a big blow to some Liberians as their hope and aspiration of participating in the Dv process this year hangs in the balance.


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