As UN Human Right Office Continued Regional CSOs and CBOs Meetings, Human Right actors Pledge To Remain Engaged On Key Issues In A Transparent Manner

In an effort to promote transparency and effectiveness in the workings of Humans Right issues across the Country major participants in the sector have agreed to remain engaged with other stakeholders to flag issues of transparency and proper monitoring in their activities nation- wide.
The forty participants representing Montserrado,Margibi,Grand Bassa,Rivercess and Sinoe Counties made the commitment Friday,July 13,2018 in continuation of the regional Civil Society Meetings in Buchanan city Grand Bassa county.
According to them accurate, effective,Transparent monitoring and networking amongst are cardinal pillars to ensure their tangible productivity in their activities is felt.
The participants many of whom are active Human Right workers,field officers of the Independent National Commission On Human Rights including some traditional leaders believed that one of the best ways for them to make impact in society is to work as a team in a unified and collaborative faction.
The participants also stressed the need for adequate support to help enhance the work that they do in Liberia.
Speaking also at the program was Melvin Nyanway Human Right Officer of the United Nations Human Right office in Monrovia who challenged human right actors to work in a spirited and passionate manner to ensure that they achieve one goal.
He encouraged them to have a proper focus,workable plans and well define agenda if they should succeed.
“Don’t wait for situation to arise before you work,rather engaged now the proper authorities on key human right issues noticed by you in your giving areas and scope of operations respectively, Mr.Nyanway” told the gathering.
At the same time the Secretary General of the Civil Society Advocacy Platform Adama Dempster lauded the effort of his colleagues for their level of engagement done so far with national government but was quick to remind them that more needs to be done.
Adama who was part of a team of Liberia’s CSOs and presented report at the just ended international Human Right Meeting In Geneva urged human right actors to work hard,be constructive in their advocacy including providing workable solutions to challenges in the country mainly from the human right perspective amongst others.
He called on them to also be steadfast and independent in their work void of distraction and intimidation.
The Independent National Commission On Human Right is a key party to the regional meetings.
Speaking at the program was its Coordinator at the Women, Children and Disabilities Unit(1) Christo Gorpudolo who reemphasized the need for proper coordination between and amongst key individuals in a move to produce results.
Christo said their role in the society is crucial as such human right actors should see themselves as important to national agenda.
She pledged the Commission’s support through their field officers across the country in working together as a team but also indicated the need for other CSOs and CBOs in Liberia to buttress their efforts in a synergized way.
The Friday’s coordination session is the second of the regional human right meetings organized by the UN human right office in Monrovia.
The two days discussions in Buchanan highlighted the issues of sexual gender based violence, Harmful traditional practices,the role and function of Civil Society actors in protecting and promoting human right issues including active monitoring and collaboration between and amongst CSOs& CBOs and “INCHR” field officers nationally.
Currently participants from the inauguration of the regional meeting in Bong,Nimba and Lofa Counties are effectively collaborating as well as networking in a united front to ensure the achievement of their respective objectives.