As Women Group Demand Apology, Varmah Bobby Gray Opens Up, Says He Will Not Apologize To Any Diluted Organization


With less than twenty-four hours to the expiration of his ultimatum by the Women Group to apologize for his recent post, Youth activist Varmah Bobby Gray said he will not apologize to any diluted organization.

According to him he stands by his video and is prepare to prove his case in the court of competent jurisdiction and behind all reasonable doubts.

“ I listen and saw your four counts and I will not abide by anyone of them”, added Mr. Gray.

The women group under the banner West Africa Network For Peace Building held a press conference on Monday citing four counts including a forty-eight hour ultimatum for he Mr. Gray to retract his post and do an open apology something the activist noted, he will not bow down to.

He accused “WANEP” of taken a political path unlike what the group use to be in the past of true advocacy organization.

In his words “WANEP” has been diluted and it is about time to expose groups who hide under the canopy of advocating for the people but are engaged into political games and are as well benefiting at the detriment of the masses.

Mr. Gray also disclosed that as a result of the ongoing hullabaloo between he and the women group, his life has been threatened by unknown men who were in search of him impersonating as officers.

“I slept at my house last night and informed the police officially about the security threat on my life but I am not scare and is willing and prepared to prove my case”, he noted.

However, the boss of WANEP, Delphine Morris refuted said claims at the Tuesday’s press conference terming it as false and misleading.

According to her the rice distribution of which was highlighted in Varmah’s video is an annual exercise by one of their partners but Mr. Gray alleged that the rice in question was giving the women group by opposition politicians as a pay for them to stage a protest for the release of controversial Jestina Taylor, a claimed WANEP boss has so far denied.

Meanwhile as the expiration of the ultimatum for the Activist apology draws closer all eyes are now watching the two parties and to see the next course of action as “WANEP” has so far threatened court action in order to save its perceived damaged image, however, Mr. Gray said he remains unbinding and will not bow to any pressure neither threat but is fully prepared to provide his evidence behind all reasonable doubts in the court of competent jurisdiction.