Asset declaration debate is a Joke? President Weah came to the Presidency as a millionaire. Says ruling Party Chairman Mulbah K. Morlu.

The debate for President George Weah asset declaration looks unending and increasingly interesting with the latest counter-reaction from the chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change Mulbah Morlu putting up a new flame as well as flavor to the argument.
According to Chairman Morlu the Liberian leader came to the Presidency as a millionaire and has over the years earned so much and has no reason of using the Nation’s top job to amassed welfare at the detriment of the people whom he dearly loved.
He said Mr. Weah is a humanitarian who has the people at heart and he will go Down in history as Liberia’s first ever pro-poor President.
The CDC chairman in a more justifiable tune noted that those who think the president demolition of his home on 9th street in sinkor has anything to do with the pro-poor agenda , they must be joking

,noting that the pro-poor agenda has been missing interpreted by others.

In fact why will someone break down his personal house be an issue, this is a lazy argument he added.
“President Weah is yet to take his first salary so imagine where is he taking the money from to build his luxurious home as you people claimed” , he uttered.
Morlu stated that his standard bearer means well for his people and will prove that soon, adding that President Weah demonstrated such when he told the Legislature that he will cut his salary by 25%and urged other Government officials to follow his lead, look this is a true leader of the people he noted.
Providing more clarification on what exactly the pro-poor agenda means due to the many mis-conception in the public, Mr. Morlu indicated that the much publicized agenda seeks to amongst other things improve the living conditions of each Liberian with specific focus on the under privilege.
He said the pro poor agenda intends to take a person life from one level to the other, for example from mat to mattress, from owing a bicycle to getting a car and many more.
Speaking at the welcoming ceremony of New members to the ruling party from the Boakai Think – Tank, a youth led auxiliary of the opposition Unity Party, Mr.Morlu Said the CDC is for all especially those who believe in the pro-poor agenda.
He was quick to clarify that the former members of the Boakai Think-tank joined the CDC not to look for job but also promised to give them jobs now that they are new members of the ruling party, a statement that was greeted with murmuring from traditional Cdcians who fell that they should be prioritized.
“Not all Cdcians will get jobs, Morlu squarely told his members but at the same time praised them for been very tolerate over the years and past months since taking over the ruling party position.
In a happy mood the head of the Boakai Think-tank Foday Kutuku Sheriff thanked Cdcians for accepting them as new members

of the mighty CDC.

He said they now believe and trust President Weah especially his fulfillment in changing the lives of the young people

of Liberia.

“We are here to help push the pro-poor agenda forward , he noted.
However despite Morlu’s defense as well as his clarification about the focus of the pro-poor agenda many think that it is a mere theory especially in the absence of the President asset declaration as required by law.
The current demolition of his home to subsequently build a luxurious one according to critics including delay with no further information on why and when President Weah will officially declare his assets all proves to the fact that his claims of putting the people’s interest first still remains doubtful.
Though is too early to say but with the inclusion of more key opposition members in the CDC led government including the gradual crossing over to the ruling party in search of jobs as well as believing in the pro-poor agenda for total change of the lives of the people, political pundits are beginning to draw conclusions that Liberia may be returning to a one party state.