At the House Of Representatives 2019/2020 National Budget Passed into Law In The Tune Of 526m


After Nearly two months of delay and heated deliberations, members of the national legislature have finally passed into law the 2019/2020 draft national budget in the tune of 526million United States Dollars.

The budget was passed on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019 along with the controversial harmonization exercise which has greatly affected senior and junior ranking members of the three branches of government.

Under the harmonization component, the three branches of Government experienced great cuts but was done legally, appropriately  and formally  unlike what was previously requested  by some Lawmakers and citizens in general.

Lawmakers unlike in the past in the new budget will receive a monthly earnings of between 5,500usd to 5,900usd as opposed to over 15,000usd and will also see a 50% reduction in their gasoline benefits while for the Judiciary about 16% from their compensation has also been reduced and  for the executive senior, junior and other government officials will receive cuts based upon their respective positions but with the exception of Nurses, Doctors, Security personnel, Teachers and Health workers among others.

Under the new budget about 2000 public workers have been included as an addition  into current work force of the Country.

The budget was passed after through scrutiny from members of the committees on Ways, Means Finance and Development planning and Public Accounts and Expenditure and has been forwarded to the Liberian senate for subsequent concurrence.

The Lawmakers decision to reduce their salaries over the period has been a huge debate but the argument has been a legislative procedure must be followed which has finally been officially done.

It came barley two weeks after Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon launch a one-man campaign to ensure the reduction of all lawmaker’s salaries to ensure the people benefit from the excesses  from key sectors of the Country.