Awareness against Fraud, Waste and Abuse doubles as CFEs in Liberia embark


Nearly fifty (50) plus Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) in Liberia conversed in Monrovia for a 3-day anti-fraud training targeted creating toward awareness aimed at strengthening the fight against Fraud, wastes and abuse .

The CFEs and Associate members , including external auditors, law enforcement officers , accountants , bankers, lawyers and detectives met with the aim of refreshing and broadening the minds of participants in anti-Fraud, Waste and Abuse as well as investigative techniques.

The conference was held under the theme “Together Creating Anti-Fraud Awareness” and was held at the Camber of Commerce from Tuesday , November 26-28 of this year.

During the three days conference, the Certified Fraud Examiners in Liberia had religious training by professional facilitators and speakers of diverse backgrounds on impact topic such as : prosecuting Corruption and financial crimes for the 21st century, Ethical decision making , Fraud in internal investigation, and writing effective Fraud findings.

For his part, the senior Anti-Corruption Advisor of the Legal Professional Development and Anti-Corruption Program in Liberia (LPAC), Mr. Scott Collins highlighted that “the progress of Liberia depends on what professionals and officials do in the dispensation of their daily duties.

He noted that if Liberia is to progress relative to its development agenda, fraud examiners have to ensure they set themselves apart and not “do business as usual”.

In addition, the chief of party of the legal professional development and Anti-Corruption Program in Liberia furthered that these trainings are positive imitative for the combatting corruption .

In his statement, the head of the LPAC narrated “it raises awareness on anti-corruption efforts in Liberia considering the changes associated with the fright against fraud, waste and abuse”.