Barrolle Vs IE: ‘The Re-birth of Traditional Rivalry’


Mighty Barrolle will go head-to-head against their biggest and long-term arch-rivals Invincible Eleven (IE) in a historic meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

The match which is expected to be the ‘rebirth of traditional rivalry’ between both clubs will take place at the Doris Williams Stadium in the Port City of Buchanan with 3:30 PM set as kick-off time.

The game will be the first leg clash between the two clubs in the ongoing LFA Orange First Division League.

It is the first match that every single fan of the two clubs has been anticipating since the start of the 2021/22 season with both teams set to meet in the Top-flight for the first time in nearly a decade.

Barrolle and IE have been the foremost arch-rivals in Liberian football with the rivalry being the longest and most captivating fixture in domestic football.

The rivalry between the two clubs has left fans with an indelible memories.

Before the long-lasting Liberian civil war, no football game had the highest audience attending compared to a meeting involving the Sunshine Yellow boys and the Kanyan Pepper boys.

There was no stone that ever left unturned when it comes to fixtures involving the two sides.

The entire country was fond of the IE versus Barrolle fever with a hefty euphoria amongst fans across the length and breadth of the nation. The fixtures were usually discussed in every corner from the working class to the marketers. From he elite class to the ordinary people.

They were the clubs with the best breed of players; till now, they have the best legacies in Liberian football being the founding members of the local football league and the most dreadful opponents the league has ever produced.

Both sides head into the historic contest seated bottom of the table.

Hosts Mighty Barrolle are looking to secure their first win of the season after four games with IE desperately going in search of their second win of the season and first in 3 games.

The Rollers were one of the lead contenders for the title during the 2019/20 season. Unfortunately, the season was eventually nullified owing the impact of the coronavirus.

They also put up some good fight last campaign only to see themselves finished 6th in the rankings.

On the other hand, the Sunshine Yellow boys have been out of the top league since 2017 and only made a return after buying the slot of BYC-ll (now dissolved).

Despite a struggling form in the 21st century, both clubs have had period of dominance when it comes to the domestic league and neither set of fans is above celebrating the other’s failure with both sides lifting the league’s title a record 13 times each. They are equally the most decorated and successful clubs in the nation.

IE last won the league title in 2007 with Barrolle lifting the crown in the 2009 season. Since then, they have equally suffered to established themselves as dreadful opponents like before.

Both teams have had a struggling start to the current campaign which has them presently positioned in bottom of the standings.

The Rollers have managed 3 draws and one defeat from their last 4 games, with IE finding just a win and losing 3 from their last 4 league’s fixtures as well.

In spite of the poor start, the meeting between the two sides can still never be taken for granted as both teams look to grab a win in the crucial match-day five encounter.