Gospel Minister Kanvee Adams Questions Bishop Bah’s Integrity but Bishop Bah Forgives Her Utterances


An award-winning Liberian gospel artist, Kanvee Adams has alleged that Bishop Amos Bah, the General Overseer of the Fire Transformation Ministries Dominion Praise Chapel is fake, double standards and a scammer.

But the Bishop has denied her claimed saying “ I’m a man of ethic and discipline and I’m not fake.”

In a Facebook live on Monday August 31,2020, Mrs.Adams mentioned that when she declared her intention to contest as Representative during the 2017 Representatives and Presidential elections, she was denigrated by Bishop Amos Bah, claiming that the house of Parliament is evil and full of devils.

Madam Adams action came about after the Bishop and others anointed Representative Thomas Fallah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to contest the senatorial seat in Montserrado County.

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The gospel musician Adams writes: “Bishop Amos Bah, so you are the one anointing someone for the senatorial election; after you openly denigrated me for contesting for the same house of parliament that you claimed was evil and full of devils? O… so you the one passing around anointing devils, right?

I’m sure when you were writing you never thought a day like this would come when the same you would be endorsing someone because of brown envelope.

What is good for the goose is also good for the gendar, I never knew it was business that you and some Pastors are making in the name of God.”

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The artist also maintained that she’s not in any way attacking Representative Thomas Fallah but the double standards Pastors. “Let me get this clear, this post is in no way attack on Thomas Fallah’s person but rather about the double standards of some men of God.”

She however, called on Representative Thomas Fallah to fast and pray in order to get the fake and demonic anointing pull on him by Amos Bah and others to wash away.

But the Bishop sounding more religious, said he’s walking by the scripture and will not attack the personality of Madam Adams.

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He said he has forgiven Madam Adams because she has been a blessing to God’s work.

“I came online today to tell the world that I love Kanvee, I have forgiven her, I don’t have anything against her, no body should used my situation to attack the woman of God , no body should use the situation of what so ever she has said about me for anyone to insult her.”

Bishop Bah said he don’t blame madam Kanvee Adams for what is going on but the devil, as it is attacking the body of Christ .

Said the religious leader, “The enemy could attack any man of God but I expect these things., Jesus said they will do these things to you, anybody could called me fake prophet, I’m a scam, I’m a BM (Black Money Person) and the only this is that my conscious has been very clear.”

He said his character can be attested to from people who know him and the kind of relations he has with God.

Biishop Bah then urged his supporters and religious sons and daughters to forgive the gospel musician, “if you love me forgive the sister, love her, let us not fight amongst ourselves in the body of Christ.

The religious leader said even the Holy Bible forbid Christians from fighting against themselves and that they should fight against spiritual dark powers.

Sounding more disgusting, Bishop Bah lashed at some Pastors who went wide on social media shearing the misinformation madam Adams said against him, something he said is not good.

He said he’s not fake, he has raised lot of gospel ministers throughout the world including , Liberia, Ghana and USA.

On a live social media broadcast he pray for God’s blessing on madam Adams asking God to keep giving her talents and to make her the best gospel musician.

“ I have brought Pastor up and today they are well known in the world” as he challenged people to check on social media for Dominion Reunion to here some of his life transforming stories towards others.

Bishop Bah also denied receiving cash to help people travel from Ghana to other parts of the world including the USA on the “Queen Sheba program” If anyone can come and present proof that I received money from them to help them get on scholarship, I will sack myself , I will never preach this gospel in life , I will become a security officer.”

He said no one can point accusing fingers to him that he exploited Liberians.

He boasted that his financial breakthrough came intercede (Pray) for some of his church members and other people to travel out of the refugee camp in Ghana to the USA and other parts of the world and that it the same people that in returned started to provide him money as a sign of their appreciation .

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“The first batch of people who left the Buduburam refugee camp for the USA were over one hundred people and they used to provide him remittances.”
He said the money was going towards building -schools and dressing himself up and that’s how people used to imagine him as a BM (Black Money person).