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Liberia President George Manneh Weah, Saturday November 28,2020 started the campaign to vote “YES” to all eight counts of the referendum on December 8 2020.

Explaining to Liberians why they should vote YES to the referendum, President Weah said, it will bring more development to the country and will also encourage Liberians living in the diaspora to come back home.

The Liberian leader said, voting YES will allow Liberians born out of the country to become citizens and own properties in their native land.

Mr. Weah noted that Liberia is the oldest African country and there should be a change in the constitution to sute the current condition of the 21st century.

He said there are many countries working with dual citizenship and everything is working well.

Setting Ghana as example, the Liberian leader said the West African nation is growing fast in development and attracting more investors.

Mr Weah added that, voting YES to all counts of the referendum will also reduce the tenure of leaders in power.

He encouraged Liberians that, they are all worthy of leading the country when they vote YES to the referendum.

President Weah also informed the Liberian people that the issue of dual citizenship does not mean foreigners are going to claim all the land and businesses from Liberians.

He believes the process will encourage investors to bring in more development.

He described those who refuse to vote YES to the referendum are denieing other Liberians to participate in their country’s development.

In Ganta: Violence Erupts As Aggreived Motorcyclists Demand Rightful Body Of Deceased Colleague


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah (Nimba County Correspondent)

It was another drama to witness in the trade City of Ganta over the weekend as violence erupted between motocylists and security over the demand of the rightful corpse of their deceased colleague believed to be killed by former deputy director of police in the city.
It all started peacefully around 10: 00 am on the morning of Friday November 27, when family members, concern citizens, motocylists, advocacy groups and onlookers assembled at the grounds of the Gompa Funeral Home in order to take the body of Samuel Selleh,18, for burial following months of tensed clashes between the government and the family.
The alleged killing of the 18-year-old boy took place on the night of March 8 this year at the Jackie’s Guest House.
Dressed up in black to signify the painfulness the situation has brought over the city, Hundreds of motorbike operators in a sad mood took the remains of the boy to the site for burial at the deceased paternal hometown of Gbuyee, a place that’s about one hour thirty minutes walk from the funeral home.
After parading with the casket for over two hours across the street allays, the body was eventually brought at the grave site where he was to be laid to rest.
It all turned around when motocylists demanded that the casket be opened so that they can view the body of their colleague before his remains could be placed in tomb for burial.
After minutes of argument over the issue between cyclists and the undertakers, it was finally agreed that the casket be opened for the body to be viewed by both the family and the motocylists as it is normally done at every funeral service because there was no wake keeping.
When the undertakers opened the casket to unvail the body to the family, Mr. Paye Selleh, father of the deceased boy raised a contention that the body in the casket was not his son, Samuel Selleh.
” This body I’m seeing here is not my son body. The boy was just small 18-year-old boy, then how come I seeing one old man lying down here, the body grow in the funeral home?” Mr. Selleh agitated.
Body that was refused by the family
Other closed relatives and friends who knew the deceased during his lifetime also confirmed that the body was not their friend.
Some claimed that body was a Fullani, whilst other said that the body was of aged.
” The body you seeing in that casket is an old Fulaman. I knew the pekin [the deceased] very well, he’s my own brother.” Another man who claimed to be a relative of the late cyclists said in an agitated tone.
” Let me tell you, that guy was my own boy that we used to run traffic together, but that body in this casket is not Samuel I can tell you for free.” Another aggreived motocylist lamented.
This caused the motocylists and and other angry residents to grow even more furious.
” I’m very angry right now because why they should allow us to toot different body from all the way that funeral home to come here.” Another angry residents explained.
With in the twikling of an eye, they angrily took the body which they said was not theirs back to the funeral parlor and started to demolished parts of the facility.
They later came and ransacked the Ganta Police station. There was even an attempt on burning the station.
With the situation going out of hand, the police in Ganta hastily called for a reenforcement from the Regional Hub in Gbarnga, Bong County.
Before the arrival of the additional police force from Bong County, the angry rioters set roadblocks all across the city.
The situation instilled huge fear on peaceful citizens resulting to the closure of business places such as restaurant, stores, video clubs and other major market places especially the Ganta general market.
For almost six hours normal business activities came to a standstill in Ganta following this incidence.
Police made numerous arrest of motocylists and other rioters last evening in an effort to restore calm in the city.
Though almost all the hierarchy of the county are presently on ground but they are mostly concentrated on their campaign activities, like for hon. Jeremiah Koung of District #1 where the violence occurred, he is yet to make any official statement.
On September 30, 2015, similar incidence occurred where motorcyclists and other angry citizens staged a bloody protest in the demand of justice after a another cyclists identified as Milton Wehyeegbay was grusomely murdered by unknown in a swamp around the 404 Community.
A lot of people including students, business people became victims of this situation because a lot of people got wounded in the process.
Businessman, Prince P. S. Howard property including his Alvino Hotel, the Alvino Mini Mart on the Sanniquellie road and his personal house were all vandalized and destroyed during that time.
Following that fearsome incidence, motorbikes were being banned from running across the perimeter of the City for about three months.
This brought a setback on the economical activities of the city and many parts of the Nimba.



The founder and political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), President George Weah, is vigorously campaigning and has endorsed Alex Tyler as Senator in Tubmuburg, Bomi County .

Mr. Tayler a former Lawmaker is back in the political boxing ring, this time he’s contesting for the senatorial seat in the December 8,2020 special elections.

Speaking to cidicians, citizens and residents of Bomi County, President Weah informed the people not to be persuaded by incompetent people who aren’t ready to transform their wellbeing.

Mr Weah said, there are individuals spreading false rumours that he will not visit the county.  He noted such information is false and misleading and that people involved are using that way of propaganda to get the votes.

The President said, no one should vote for people who can not stand up for the truth, “YOU CAN NOT LIE TO THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO LEAD.” President Weah noted.

The Liberian leader spoke highly of Mr.Tyler and said, he grew up with him and can attest  to his developmental attitude towards Liberians and Liberia.

The CDC political leader in a louder tone encouraged the crowd and  people of Bomi County to vote Alex Tyler as their Senator comes December 8,2020.

According to the President, because of the opposition constant mistreatment toward the people of Bomi, they are crafting and  putting out myths that he has no dealing with them which is false.

He said having  leader from the ruling Coalition will enable them progress and misinformation will be curtail in the County.

For his part, Alex Tyler encouraged the people of Bomi County to vote him to power.

He promised to carryout more development, promote and seek the interest of his kinsmen



Liberian President George Weah on Friday 27th of November 2020 endorsed former Foreign Affairs Minister and CDC candidate for the senatorial election in Grand Bassa County.

Gbehzohngar Findley the Liberian leader boasted is the right candidate to represent the people of Grand Bassa County at the House of Legislature.

The Liberian President encouraged every citizen to be peaceful as peace is the only way to a successful Liberia, especially during this time of elections.

He appealed to all Liberians to go and vote and after ward go home and wait patiencely for the results.

Mr Weah at the same time encouraged CDC supporters to stand firm and support their government and stop listening and battling with the opposition, “LET THEM DO THE TALKING, AND LET US DO THE WORK.”

Testifying to the good works of the CDC government, President Weah asked the people of Grand Bassa County to look at the work of CDC Grand Bassa County Lawmaker Marker Matthew Joe,commonly known as “Fair play Joe” and vote for Mr Findley.

Mr Weah described the former Foreign Affairs Minister as the architect and engineer of all governmental projects internationally when he was a foreign affairs minister.

The President appealed to citizens of Grand Bassa County to vote for the CDC candidate in quest to work in the interest of the Liberian people.

President Weah assured the people of Bassa that the CDC candidate and former Foreign Affairs Minister as the right person to represent the people of Grand Bassa County at the Senate.

For his part, CDC candidate Gbehzohngar Milton Findley appealed to Basodians to reconcile with one another and stand for unity as it is the best way for the county.

He said, respect for leaders and reconciling will bring changes to the county.

Mr Findley also appealed to potential voters  to elect him to power as their Senator.

He promised to help develop the people and the county as their new Senator. The occation was well attended by party top officials including CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu, Acarous Gray and others. Citizens and residents of Grand Bassa County were well represented including chiefs and traditional leaders.

Medica Liberia Ends Day-Long Advocacy Dialogue on Women’s Land Rights in Greenville


Medica Liberia, an international Women-led organization on Friday held a one-day advocacy dialogue on Women’s land rights with key stakeholders and partners in Greenville, Sinoe County.

According to Madam M. Clavena Sherman Coordinator, Sinoe the dialogue was meant to identify issues affecting women’s land rights, advocacy for the implementation of land rights with a focus on women’s land ownership, finding a way forward, and creating an effective action plan on addressing women’s land ownership.

Madam Sherman said to tackle the issue of women’s marginalization of owning land needs the collective effort of everyone. She attributed some hindrances to cultural and traditional norms that need to be addressed. She added that if women must stand for themselves they must know their land rights, something she said is lacking within the public.

The Medica Liberia Sinoe boss further stressed that men have a major role in promoting women’s land rights. She said men have to be supportive in addressing the issue and providing encouragement and motivation to women and don’t see themselves as head only.

Madam Sherman said her institution has a plan of reaching out to all districts in Sinoe to provide information on women land rights and making the public aware of the importance of women land ownership especially in the rural places, adding that they will be working along with partners, stakeholders and other key actors for the success of the project.

During the discussion, many participants stressed the need for education on land rights, stating that one must know their rights before they defend it, adding that there’s much information needed to be provided to rural dwellers.

The one-day event was held at the J. Dominic Being City Hall and brought together layers, civil Society groupings, the media, district representatives, women representatives among others.

NASSCORP Commences Two Days Validation Exercise for Pensioners in Robertsport


The National Social Security & Welfare Corporation has embarked on a two-day validation exercise for pensioners in Robertsport City, Grand Cape Mount County.

According to the Regional Public Relation Office of NASSCORP, Jerod A.  Brown, the validation exercise is meant to change pensioners Identification Card every two years. He added that NASSCORP currently has supervisory and validity teams that are stationed in Bomi and Grand Cape Counties.

“The Last time our team was in Sinje carrying on the exercise but because of the circumstances we decided to bring this process to stop our beneficiaries from spending transportation to reach out to the regular site.”

According to Mr. Brown, the exercise will go for the period of one month in the 15 counties. The process started on November 15 and is only targeting pensioners.

NASSCORP is an autonomous public institution charged with implementing three schemes (Employment Injury Scheme, National Pension Scheme, and Welfare Scheme) designed to provide social security protections to eligible formal sector workers.


Center for Media Studies and Peace Building Concludes Senatorial Debate in Grand Bassa County


By: King Brown Grand Bassa County Correspondent

Five senatorial candidates of Grand Bassa County on Thursday, November 26, 2020, participated in a debate center around how they will develop the county if elected to the senate.

The debate was organized by the Center for Media Studies and Peace Building (CEMESPB) with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Internews.

Five out of eight candidates including Emmanuel Bravy Deakeay, National Democratic Coalition (NDC) Charles Paul Vah, Rainbow Alliance (RA) Dave Llewellyn Dixon, Independent Candidate, Madam Magdalene   Garmondeh Harris, Independent Candidate, and Representative Vicent S.T. Willie, Independent Candidate participated in the debate.

Candidates Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and incumbent senator, Former Foreign Minister Milton Gbehzohngar Findley of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and Mr. Anthony Barchue, Independent Candidate (IND) were absent from the debate.


The debate was held on Thursday, November 26, 2020, at the Unification Pavilion on the fairgrounds in Buchanan and broadcast on various community radios across the county.

Issues that were addressed by the five candidates bordered around the economy, the county social development fund, education, security, health, tracking corruption, Agriculture and food security, and among others.

The National Elections Commission qualified eight candidates to contest the December 8, 20202 special midterm senatorial election in Grand Bassa County.

Mr. Malcom W. Joseph, Executive Director of the Center for Media Studies and Peacebuilding, said the debate provided the opportunity for the candidates to interact with the citizens and what they would do to address those thematic areas if elected.

“We informed all the eight candidates in Grand Bassa County about the debate but three fail to attend without stating any reason while five participated in the debate,” he said.

Grand Bassa to Benefit Five New Hand Pumps

Hand Pumps

By: King Brown Grand Bassa County

Buchanan, Grand Bassa County:  Following a series of complaints from residents of Grand Bassa County about the lack of safe drinking water, the Islamic advisor to President George Weah on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, donated five new hand pumps to the residents of Gunnigar Town Community in Buchanan.

Mr. Usmane Jalloh believes that water is one of the key factors to humanity and for citizens to alarm over the lack of safe drinking water in this modern dispensation it is not healthy.

According to Mr. Jalloh, the Center of Humanitarian Activities in Africa donated about 75 hand pumps to the Liberian government through the office of the religious advisor to the president to be distributed among the 15 counties of Liberia with each receiving five.

The Islamic Advisor called on community dwellers of Gunnigar Town to cooperate with the donor and engineers to identify areas where the hand pumps will be constructed.

Speaking on behalf of the county leadership, the development superintendent of Grand Bassa County Flee A. Glay thanked President Weah through his Islamic Advisor for the donation and promised that the hand pumps will be maintained.

CAF Champions League Preliminary Round: Four Liberian Referees to Officiate in Darkar


Four FIFA badged Liberian referees have been appointed by CAF to officiate the match between Teungueth of Senegal and Gambia Armed Forces of The Gambia.

George S. Roger, Jr will be the center referee and will be assisted by Liberia’s most senior FIFA badged Assistant Referee Johnson Gbartea, and Abraham B. Fahnbulleh as Assistant 1&2 respectively, while Jerry Yekeh will serve as Fourth Official.

The match is slated for December 6, 2020, in Darkar, Senegal.

Grand Cape Mount: Cross Culture Care Provides 70 Bundles of Zinc for the Reroofing of the St. Timothy Gov’t Hospital


Cross Cultural Care (C3), A USA-based Nonprofit International Non-Government Organization Registered in Liberia has provided 70 bundles of zinc for the reroofing of the St. Timothy Government Hospital in Grand Cape Mount County.

St.  Timothy is the only referred hospital in Grand Cape Mount that provides health care services for over 135,000 local residents.

The hospital has a little over 40 inpatient beds, one operating room, and is supported by two Liberian physicians, three PAs, and two midwives along with nurses and support staff.

Harris T.  Karneh, Country Representative of C3 said the donation for the renovation of the hospital came as a result of a communication sent to the organization by the administration of the hospital, asking for the renovation of the facility due to its dilapidated condition.

Mr. Karneh put the cause of the project at US$25,000 and said the organization remains committed to working with the hospital, and the country’s health system.

Additionally, he disclosed that they have brought on board volunteer doctors from America, provide scholarships for healthcare workers, and also work with the education sector.

“C3 works closely with both Ministries of Health and Education, as we have provided scholarships for over 20 active scholars studying to become secondary school teachers, nurses, midwives, physician assistants, lab techs and have at the same time pay the full tuition of each scholar’s education upon being accepted through a competitive screening,” Mr. Karneh said.

In both separate remarks, the Medical Director and Administrator of the St. Timothy Hospital lauded the organization for their support towards the health care facility.

In Grand Bassa, over 24,000 Households to Receive Government Stimulus Package


By: King BrownGrand Bass County Correspondent

Buchanan, Grand Bassa County- Following a one-day meeting with community dwellers and stakeholders, the World Food Programme (WFP) has announced that it is set to distribute the long-awaited COVID-19 stimulus package to about 24,742 vulnerable households in Grand Bassa County.

The meeting was organized by the WFP with the aim of collaborating with citizens in distributing the food in the county.

WFP’s head of support services, Aaron Sleh, disclosed that each selected household in Bassa is expected to receive 50kg of rice, 10kg of beans and 5 liters of oil.

In the meeting, residents from a cross-section of Bassa pointed out that the food distribution should be void of politics and be equally distributed to every targeted individual, urging the committee to conduct the vetting rightly in identifying vulnerable people.

At the end of the one-day engagement meeting, the Chairman of the Bassa Legislative Caucus, Representative Thomas Goshua told journalists that the food distribution process will begin very soon, but was not specific with the kickoff date for the distribution process.

“I cannot mention exactly when the distribution process will begin because WFP representative did not mention a set date but said the process is expected to begin in Grand Bassa County next week Monday,” Rep. Goshua said.

Rep. Goshua said the WFP will work closely with the Civil Society, religious institutions, City Mayors, Local Commissioners, and government officials in gathering information to identify the most vulnerable people in the communities.

“We are calling on every resident to cooperate with the team during the vetting process. I am so glad that the decision was not made by political actors as to how the stimulus package should be distributed but rather the citizen themselves,” he said.


Grand Bassa Gets New Fire Truck


By: King Brow (Grand Bassa County Correspondent)

Buchanan, Grand Bassa County- Barely six years after the two fire service trucks belonging to Grand Bassa County broke down, the government of Liberia through the National Fire Service on Wednesday, November 25, donated a brand new fire engine to the Bassa Fire Service detachment.

Speaking at the turning over ceremony, the Director-General of the LNFS Alex Dixon said Grand Bassa has the second-highest number of deaths caused by fire incidents, according to statistics.

It was from this backdrop that the government selected Grand Bassa as one of the counties to benefit from one of the five new fire engines donated by the government of India.

“We came to Grand Bassa month ago and from our statistics for death rate, Montserrado came first while Bassa second. We were here and witness father, Mother including Children got burnt to death in a house, so we said let us paid key attention to Bassa because they are developing both in population and infrastructural,” Mr. Dickson said.

He narrated that “the Bassa detachment of the Liberia Fire service has been down for over five years now only because of the lack of a fire engine, but today we are here to officially open the fire station to the people of Bassa.”

Grand Bassa Development Superintendent Flee A. Glay extended heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the government through the Fire Service for selecting Bassa as one of the counties to have received a fire engine.

According to Mr. Glay, the fire truck is important because it will help to fight fire disaster in the county. He promised that the fire truck donated will be used for its intended purpose and maintained by the people of the County.

He also thanked former Foreign Minister, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley for his efforts in releasing these fire trucks for the free port of Monrovia and also as one of those who crafted the communication that was sent to the Indian government about helping Liberia with fire engines to fight fire disaster.

GoL Releases New COVID-19 Testing Protocols for Travelers


The Government of Liberia has released new Covid-19 testing protocols for travelers intending to depart or arrive in the country, as it steps up efforts to prevent further local transmission of the virus.

As of December 1, 2020 all travelers will be required to pay a fee of US$75.00 as testing fee in order to have their samples taken.
All travelers are to download and complete a Health Screening Arrival Form from the Liberia Travel Application App on either Google Playstore or the Apple Store link to access the form.
The guidelines, published by the Ministry of Health, require all “non-exempt” incoming and outgoing travelers to be tested for the disease. These measures also require the “exempt” travelers to present a negative PCR COVID-19 test result from an accredited lab within 96 hours of testing.
The new drive comes in the wake of the latest uptick of transmission in other countries, otherwise referred to as the “second wave”. The Government of Liberia is taking proactive steps to ensure that the new rate of spread does not affect normal activities as it did during the early stages of the pandemic.
The new travelers’ protocols, released on Monday, November 23, 2020, make it mandatory for all travelers to complete a symptom tracker form, the wearing of mask (including for those in transit and arriving), and the payment of the US$75.00 fee.
The new Travelers protocols also require that the National Public Health Reference Lab tests all non-exempt travelers for COVID-19. Exempt travelers who do not have a valid negative COVID-19 test result will also be tested.
The Ministry of Health says travelers who test PCR positive for COVID-19 will undergo treatment based on Liberia case management guidelines while travelers who test negative are to self-quarantine and monitor their symptoms via the Liberia Travel App for a period of 14 days, beginning the day after their arrival in Liberia.

The government encourages all travelers to fully read the entire guidelines in order to be abreast with these measures as a prerequisite for traveling in and out of the country.


Family of Motorcyclist Allegedly Killed by Police in Ganta Resolve to Bury their Son after Months of Controversies


By: Nathaniel Success Topkah

Ganta, Nimba County- The night of March 8, 2020, was a gloomy night for the people of Ganta especially the Selleh’s family when an incident that led to the alleged killing of their 18-year-old son, Samuel Selleh, by former and disrobed Deputy Police Commander of Ganta, Sense Kowo occurred at the premises of the Jackie’s Guest House in the Peace Community.

Following months of tensions between the government and the family, the family has finally resolved to go ahead with the burial of their deceased son on Friday, November 27.

According to Mr. Paye Selleh, father of the deceased, their decision to go ahead with the burial of their late son is owing to what he referred to as “legal advice.”

“After Sensee Kowo killed [allegedly] my son, we’ve been through series of tussles going here and there. But I want to tell you that we’ve decided to bury the boy [deceased cyclist] on this Friday,” Mr. Selleh said

“Our legal advisors told us that we should bury this boy and they’ll battle the case for us.”

The late Samuel Selleh was a 9th-grade student of the Ganta YMCA High School prior to the unfortunate situation that led to his early demise.

Since his alleged killing by Officer Kowo, there has been a number of tensions and threat from different groupings including motorcyclists, students, as well as other advocacy denominations.

Calls from the various groups have solely been about ensuring that the family receives a fair share of justice with the issue that left their teenage son to have lost his life so painfully.

The burial was earlier scheduled for Saturday, November 21 but was canceled by the family on grounds that evidence would have been destroyed if the boy is buried.

An investigation into the matter started last September after motorcyclists along with the Concern Nimbaians group, as well as other youth groups including family members and market women threatened to stage a massive demonstration throughout Ganta on the 20 of September.

A stakeholder meeting comprising high ranking national security officers was later held at the Ganta Women Center to remedy the planned protest.

Following that meeting, the pressure groups decided to cancel their planned ‘match for justice.’ Notwithstanding, the proceeding of the case started two days after at the 8th Judicial Circuit in Sanniquellie, but the defense lawyer filed in for a change of venue because he felt that his client, the alleged perpetrator, was not secure in Sanniquellie.

His request was granted as the case has now been transferred to the 2nd Judicial Circuit in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

A family source has revealed that the proceeding of the case will start next month in Grand Bassa.

With the burial now set to take place, Mr. Selleh has seriously lashed at the religious community of Nimba, precisely the Christian Community for failing to stand by the family throughout their time of bereavement as they fight for justice.

He at the same expressed his frustration and disappointment in the County Administration of Nimba County for not identifying with his family since the incident.

Additionally, Selleh blasted the Superintendent of Nimba County, Mr. Nelson Korquoi, County Inspector, B. Mack Gbliwon for their failure to step in the premises of his compound ever since the unfortunate situation.

The burial is going to bring some level of relief to not only the Selleh’s family, but to residents of Nimba County as a whole because there has been a threat of protest on the December 8, 2020 election day.

Cultural Inspector Condemns CDC Bong County Lawmaker


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Correspondent)

Regional Cultural Inspector for Bong, Nimba and Lofa counties William Kollie, has codenamed Bong County Jorquelleh District number three Representative Josiah Marvin Cole’s recent threats against local Chiefs in Bong County.

Recently, Hon. Cole was heard threatening local Chiefs of the County to vote for the Coalition for Democratic Change Candidate Henry W. Yallah or they will lose their jobs.

Hon. Cole

At an elaborate program organized for the CDC in Gbarnga-siaquelleh which also witnessed the crossing over of Bong County Health Team Administrator Jonah N. Togba, Representative Cole told the Chiefs that it is incumbent upon them to vote for whosoever the CDC is supporting in the December elections maintaining that their jobs will be at risk if they refuse to support the CDC Candidate.

But according to Mr. Kollie, the statement made by the Lawmaker is counterproductive to Liberia’s growing democracy.

He said the Chiefs were appointed by President George M. Weah as such, the code of conduct prevents them from campaign activities.

Mr. Kollie furthered that local chiefs across the Country have the right to vote whoever they wish to vote adding that anything beyond that will be a complete violation of their constitutional rights.

“It is very sad that a lawmaker, who supposed to be protecting the rights of the citizens, instead be there threatening the local Chiefs who have the qualification to work with this government. What I want to let Hon. Cole to know is that, this government does not belong to him alone but for the Liberian people so let him stop threatening our Chiefs and focus on his job” Mr. Kollie added.

He is at the same time encouraging the local chiefs to do their jobs void of intimidation maintaining that the local chiefs will have full protection under the law of the republic.


Grand Cape Mount: Man, 53, Allegedly Chops Off the Ear of 29-Year-Old Man


A 53-year-old man identified as Lahai Sambolah has been arrested for allegedly chopping off the right ear of a 29-year old man with his teeth in Koboyah Town, Grand Cape Mount,

Mr. Sambola is said to have committed the act over suspicions of the victim having a love affair with his wife.

The incident occurred during the late evening hours of Friday, November 20.

According to suspect Sambolah, the victim, only identified as Fahnbulleh, has been in a love affair with his wife for the past four years and has been complaining to dwellers in the town, but was told to provide evidence.

Mr. Sambolah told police investigators that his wife and the victim usually meet at her friend’s residence, adding that a key is assigned to his wife by her friend.

Sambolah and his wife have been married since 1985 and have six children.

“I came from Teinii Town last Saturday night, and when I pushed the door, I met my wife and Fahnbulleh (victim) naked. When I discovered that it was him (Fahnbulleh), my wife tried to prevent me from harming her boyfriend and tightly held my private part in order for him to escape the scene,” he said.

Sambolah said, while fighting his wife and the victim, he chopped off the entire right ear of Fahnbulleh as a means of producing evidence.

Meanwhile, the victim is currently undergoing medical treatment at a local health facility in Tienii Town, Grand Cape Mount County.