Bong: Citizens Endorse Deputy Speaker Moye’s Senatorial Bid


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong County Correspondent)

Barely five months to the December 8, 2020, senatorial elections, several citizens of Botota in Kokoyah statutory District have endorsed the senatorial bid of Deputy Speaker Prince K. Moye.

Deputy Speaker Moye is the current Representative of Bong County District#2 a position he has occupied since 2011.

According to the petition statement from the citizens, Rep. Moye is the “solitary unsurpassed choice for the position” and as such, the need to petition him was very indispensable.

The citizens said it would be more significant for him to be given the chance to serve at the upper house of the Liberian Legislature which according to them will make him have supervision over the County.

According to the Petitioners, Deputy Speaker Moye has worked beyond all boundaries as a Representative adding that letting him become senator will be an act of opening doors for Bong County’s progress.

The citizens said that being a Lawmaker, Rep. Moye is the only leader in the County who “judiciously” responds to issues of anxiety that bears the growth and development of the area.

“We the citizens and residents of Kokoyah statutory District met in open assembly and had a lengthy discussion, and evaluated the development paths and other political qualification of many would-be aspirants of Bong County in which are proven by tangible evidence not only in District #2 but in Bong as a whole that you Hon. Prince Kermue Moye is the only person that will help us here in this County upon your election,” Roosevelt Urey Kerkulah said during the reading of the petition.

In their petition, the citizens named the rehabilitation of farm to market road, bridges, schools, town halls as few of his development projects across the County since he became Representative.

Mr. Kerkulah said that District #2 Rep. has functioned in the three cardinal areas of his responsibility ranging from lawmaking, oversight, and representation.

Receiving the petition, Deputy Speaker Moye told the gathered citizens that he will not let them down.

“Today, I want to say thanks for the endorsement; it is because you have seen that I am able to help you and because of that reason, all I can say is that I Hon. Prince Kermue Moye will not let you people down.

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker Moye has broken ground on a new maternal waiting home in Rock Crusher town as part of efforts to help pregnant women in the area. Over the years, there have been cries of a maternal waiting home in the town.

According to Kokoda District Health Officer Edwin Paye, pregnant women have lost their lives and children as a result of walking far distances to come to the clinic during delivery.

“Some of them walk five to six hours before coming and sometimes when they give birth on the road, they either die as a result of lack of proper care,” Mr. Paye said.

He said when constructed, the maternal waiting home will help sheltered pregnant women while awaiting their time of delivery.

As an initial contribution, Rep. Moye pledged fifty bags of cement, ten bundles of zinc, and presented L$30,000 to jumpstart the project.