Bong County Agriculture Group – ‘Feed Liberia’ Wants Gov’t, Others Support

Feed Liberia Farm in Bong County

By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Contributor)

A Local Agriculture group under the banner ‘Feed Liberia’ is appealing to the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and other nongovernmental organizations for support.

Feed Liberia is a Bong County based agriculture group that is betrothed with rice (both low and uplands) framings in about three districts in the County.

Speaking to Journalists recently in Bong County, Feed Liberia Executive Director, Victor Togbah, name water- drawler, cutlasses, spraying camps, Fertilizer and anti-inset chemicals as some materials they need at the moment.

Members of Feed Liberia in Bong County

He said due to the lack of needed materials, they sometimes find it difficult to reach their benchmark during a farming season and wants government to support their efforts.

Mr. Togbah said, they’re currently lacking finance to purchase necessary materials that will enable them speedily continue their farming activities which is their only sources of income and survival.

He disclosed that since the establishment of the farm project in 2017, the agriculture group has made several farms and is currently paying the tuition of about fifty-two less fortunate children through proceeds from their farms.

“We really want help, because when we get those things we talking about, it will be absolutely fine for us as farmers who want to transform the livelihood of our members” he maintained.

According to him, they are not only engaged in rice farming but are also producing beans, cassavas and other local produce on the Gbarnga market.

Mr. Togbah said, they have over one hundred and seventy-five members who are directly engaged in working on a daily basis to produce more food.

“We want to see a Liberia where its citizens will stop importing rice, pepper, dry-cassava, garden-egg among others.

The Country staple food is rice but what idea does it make for a Country to keep importing its staple, especially where you have fertile soils even more than those countries you are depending on to import rice.” He asked.

The Feed Liberia’s Executive Director said, it is a disservice for a country that has a population of approximately 4.4 million people, to depend on Country like China that has the world largest population for food.

He has pledged his organization’s commitment to producing more food through their meager resources as head of the organization.

Liberia spends more than two hundred and fifty million United States Dollars to import its staple food (rice) annually as local farmers continue to complain about needed materials to support their farming activities.

Our Correspondent says, like for Bong County, many of those who are engaged with farming activities are sometimes seen in nearby cities buying imported rice.

People who were noted for Commercial farming have now adapted themselves to subsistence farming which cannot even sustain them before the next farming season, a situation many have blamed on the lack of support to the locals.