“Bong County Health Team is Doing Well” Says, Asst. Health Minister Logan


Liberia’s Assistant Health Minister for Curative Services Dr. Gorbee Gabriel Logan is commending Bong County Health Team for delivering health services to the people of the county  in the midst of numerous challenges.

Dr. Logan speaking to a team of Journalists during a brief stop in Suakoko District said, the County Health team has over the past been financially challenged; but in spite of that, the Health team withstands the challenges to providing health services to the needy.

Dr. Gabriel Gorbee Logan,  is considered as an Ebola hero and was one of those Liberian medical doctors, who were on the frontline combating the deadly Ebola virus disease .

He said the current challenge faced by the Bong County health team and other health teams across the Country, was not created only by the coronavirus pandemic, maintaining that it all started during the time of the Ebola virus epidemic.

According to him, the Country’s health system started to experience betterment before 2014 but unfortunately, the deadly Ebola virus strangulated the system, thus devastating efforts applied by the Country and partners.

“These are problems or Health Sector has been faced with, so if we see the County health team performing like this, it makes us happy because they are seriously challenged.

Dr. Logan told Journalists that besides the setbacks received from the Ebola, the Coronavirus has also contributed to the current status of the Country’s health system that was already paralyzed.

He said the Ministry of Health and partners are eager to improving the health system on grounds that overall improving the quality and performance in healthcare environment can help providers with reliable, cost-effective and sustained health care in every Country.

The Former Bong County Health Officer said, when the system is improved, the Ministry of Health will achieve its goal improving care delivery and enhancing patient outcomes.

“The Ministry of Health will forever remain committed to the people that’s why the government is doing everything it can to give the necessary supports and I and assure you that our Health sector will be better but before then, we all need to work in one understanding” he concluded.