Bong County Student Receives 10,000 LD

Message form the Winner


Messengers of Peace-Liberia Inc. (MoP) has presented 10,000 Liberia Dollars to a student at the Cuttington University in Bong County , Success L. Sulonkolo as winner of its 2019 Youth Peace Dialogue Writing Competition.

The Competition  since began in 2017 up to present and is geared toward driving the minds of young people in becoming proactive in peace building processes and making their presence felt in the strive for societal progresses.

The MoP 2019 Youth Peace Dialogue Writing Competition was centered around the topic: ”Sustainable Peace In Liberia:The Role of Youth in Negotiating and Implementing Peace Agreement” which saw 11 contenders in the competition.

The Bong County Student, Success Sulonkolo according to the MoP Officer In Charge Elizabeth Doeblah, victory came as a result of a vetting process which saw the female challenger meeting the requirements over her counterparts.

Elizabeth Doeblah told this News Platform that their organization is opting that the youthful generation is additional to Liberia’s move in reaching its vibrancy at all levels.

”We Sometimes go around talking to young people on the streets, ghettos and even night clubs, enlightening them on how they mean well for the society if they are positively driven” she told me in an interview.

The MoP Officer In Charge however noted that the goals of such initiative can be met if and only if it is holistically considered ranging from International organizations, NGOs especially the government of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the Winner of Messengers of Peace 2019 Youth Peace Dialogue Writing Competition, Success Sulonkolo has highlighted the need for government to redouble its efforts toward youth security and empowerment.

In young Sulonkolo’s writing that led to her victory, the MoP winner said the youthful population has been wrongly carried away by self-seeking and centered individuals to manipulate society ingredients thus leaving with negative vices.

According to her youth are not given the needed support to achieve their desire which make them optional to face dares that hinder their lives.

This, she noted can be equated to putting the country security at risk because young people will be willing to do anything whether good or bad for survival.

The Bong County student who is reading peace and development studies and also minoring in sociology at the Cuttington university added that Liberian Youth are ambitious of forwarding their education especially those from under-privileged backgrounds but no scholarship available for them to reach their desire.

”The few that are available are highly politicize and students will have to get huge sum of money before being awarded the scholarship”, the high school student added.

As for young female education seekers, the student said they sometimes sell their pride by having sex with the scholarship givers in exchange of the scholarship which is educationally hindering the growth and development of young women in Liberia.

”Peace among young people is realized if their sole desire especial for education is met”, The victor in her writing warned.

The Messengers of Peace 2019 Youth Peace Dialogue Writing Competition front-runner was at the same time quick to remind the government that the continual habit of young women rights violated, raped and sexually harassed signals to the world that Liberia is unable to protect young women in the country.

As part of supplementary effort to supporting and promoting young people peace dialogue competition in Liberia, the Government through Monrovia City Major Jefferson Koiee has promised to give $100,000 Liberian Dollars to the organization.

”The $ 100,000 LD will be sourced from the culvert of  President Weah’s Charitable Program which is meant to aid projects of such nature among others ”,the major said.

speaking at the winner presentation ceremony in Monrovia, Major Jefferson Koijee said the government is cognizant of the positive approaches young people are undertaking that benefit the nation.

According to the City governor, such move by the organization is worthwhile and at such it must be cherished.

He however called on young people to see MoP step as a hallmark to diverting themselves for meaningful life that cut across nation building.