Bong County Sup. Walker Assaults Journalist Siakor


Radio Gbarnga Journalist Melvin Siakor, has written the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) to investigate Bong County Superintendent Esther Yamah Walker for alleged assaults.

He said the Superintendent physically attacked him and damaged his phone recently during students protest at the Dolokelen Gboveh High school in Gbarnga.

A copy of the letter in possession of KMTV quotes Journalist Siakor as saying “On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, Bong County Superintendent Esther Y. Walker physically attacked me in the presence of Protesters, also 2018/2019 Graduates of the school during a Radio Gbarnga and Across Africa Network duties”


Melvin alleged in his letter that Madam Walker upon her arrival on the scene of the protest slapped his phone that was being used for streaming live happenings at the protest on grounds that it was not meant for publication.

He describes the Superintendent’s action as very disgraceful which according to him led to his phone being crashed immediately.

“The cracking of my phone’s screen brought a great setback to my works and financial deficiencies in my earnings” Mr. Siakor disclosed.

The Bong County Journalist further beseeches the prompt intervention of the Press Union of Liberia Bong County officer to ensure the fixing or replacement of the garget in fostering his operations in the County.

Meanwhile, the Press Union of Liberia Bong County office has confirmed receiving letter of complain from Journalist Siakor but said facts from the investigation has not been established.

Samuel Kplarwu PUL’s Coordinator in Bong County said “It’s true that we received complain from him but we still investigating; hopefully before Tuesday, we will inform the public.”

Mr. Kplawru stated that Superintendent Walker referenced KMTV Journalist Joseph Titus Yekeryan as a witness who was on the scene but Journalist Titus confirmed to the PUL’s office that he doesn’t know what transpired between them because he went on the sense of the demonstration very late.

When contacted Sunday evening Superintendent Esther Walker said, she’s currently bereaved and  is not in the position to comment.

Said madam Walker “I lost my son,  I’m not prepare for any investigation now, we will talk that later.”