Bong County Lone Female Candidate Calls for Laws to Support Health Workers


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong County Correspondent)

Bong County female senatorial aspirant Dorothy Tooman, is calling on members of the national legislature to begin the enactment of comprehensive long-term health strategies that would prevent future strikes by health workers.

Madam Tooman maintained that if health workers across the Country must disengage their strike actions and go back to work, there is a need for national government to design a holistic strategy that would provide clear understanding on how social benefits and incentives of health workers would be adequately settled by the government.

She said strike actions will continue to paralyze the Liberian health sector if government especially the National Legislature doesn’t develop a system that will ably address the needs of the oldest African Republic (Liberia).

She added that it was sadden, and instead of government finding amicable ways to adequately address the current strike-actions by the National Health Workers through dialogues, government is making the situation more worse with derogatory statements to stimulate chaos in the health sector of the Country.

According to her, threatening to replace dissatisfied workers is not a solution to the problem, but a means of making the problem worst.

“How can you say that you will replace profession Doctors with people who are still considered as students? Does it make any sense to do that or do you want our people to die?”

The former Development Education Network of Liberia (DEN-L) Executive Director argued that no amount of statements from national government can pressure the health workers to work; maintaining that constructive engagement is the best way forward in reaching a logical conclusion of the prevailing situation across the Country.

Madam Tooman further that in order to ensure a flourishing health system and curtail continue strike actions health workers across the Country, there is a need that citizens elect characters who are knowledgeable of the prevailing situations in the Country and have the expertise in developing programs that would address them.

Many people believe that Liberia’s health sector will only improve when the government through the Ministry of Health seeks the welfare of health workers, providing state of the art equipment, amongst others.