Bong : Man 28-years ‘Sexual Assaults a Dog’ Youth Leader Alleges


Youths of Pewee Town in Zota District are in search of a man only identified as Togbah, for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a dog causing the animal to bleed severally.

Pewee Town Youth spokesperson Francis Junior, accused Togbah of having sex with the dog and said some individuals of the town are trying to compromise the situation; but as Youths, they have decided to alarm the situation by taking it to the media.

Pewee Town Youth spokesperson Francis Junior

He said the alleged action of Togbah has brought the Town to disgrace and further undermined their  tradition and are determine to apprehend Togbah and make him face the punishment of his action.

“It is about our tradition; it is about the integrity of our town so we must find him. There are few people who are not in favor of what we are doing as Youths but we don’t care about their feelings because we are protecting the land of our forefathers” He added.

He told our Correspondent that they have setup a committee to find Togbah who escaped the town when others were notified about his inhumane act.

When asked about what punishment they intend to give to Togba, Francis said they will take him to the Zoe bush and later turn him over to legal authorities.

He didn’t confirm that they have told the legal authority; but said the owner of the dog has threatened to drag the alleged doer to court anytime they see him.

Sounding angry over the situation, the youth leader said, it is not the first time for Togbah to commit such act and said similar news spread about his involvement in having sex with animal two years ago but he denied.

Francis said they will stand their ground as youth to ensure that Togbah is arrested to bear the pains of his action.

“We are people who respect tradition, the man in question should have been a traditionalist so we cannot sit and let him go free. It possible that his action over the past has caused us to experience less production of crops; sometimes our rice can’t grow, and we have to start buying rice to eat after farming season” he maintained.

He said they are taking all these into consideration because of their tradition. All efforts applied by our Correspondent to get the side of the accused has proven fruitless as he is nowhere to be found. However, Pewee Town’s Chief has not spoken to the issue.