Bong: Physically Challenged Community Expresses Disappointment in County’s Project Management Committee


By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan (Bong Correspondent)

Officials of the Association of Persons living with disabilities in Bong County have expressed frustration over the manner in which the renovation of their office was done by the Project Management Committee (PMC) of Bong County; citing corruption as the focus of their disenchantment.

The committee on Tuesday, January 19, turned over a US $10,000 renovated office to officials of the physically challenged community in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The PMC took the project from roof level to its current “completed” status which contains no floor tile and furniture.

Delegates at November 12, 2018, County Council sitting in Bong County allotted US $10,000 to the physically challenged community in the County, money that was purportedly used for the renovation works.


Following the turnover ceremony on Tuesday, two officials of the Association, Arthur Bondo and Moses Tokpah termed as unrealistic, the cost attached to the project by the PMC’s Chair Mr. Stephen Jorquelleh Mulbah.

Bondo and Tokpah asserted that the physically challenged community was ignored and totally left out of the entire renovation process and was singlehandedly carried on by the PMC.

However, KMTV has gathered that there was no open competitive bidding process for the project, but the PMC handpicked Wayben Enterprise Incorporation; a construction Company from Montserrado County to do the renovation work.

According to the two officials, the cost of the project is high for the level of work done in their office.

“We build this place through our contribution and support from others, we only needed something to complete but out of surprise, the PMC is telling us that they used 10,000 USD which is far from the reality,” Moses Tokpah said.

“People who are in leadership should stop corrupting the minds of the citizens, how can the PMC Chair lied in such a manner that the entire $10,000 USD was used to renovate the building?

“Let them be real to us, they need to tell us the truth instead of corrupting our minds every time they are asked to do a piece of job,” Tokpah added.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the PMC, Stephen J Mulbah has promised to shortly respond and to also release receipts of materials bought for the project.