Bong: Six Reported Missing, Two Survive after Locally-Made Ferry Capsized in Jor River


By Nuwo David (Bong Correspondent)

Six persons are reported missing after a locally-made ferry capsized in the Jor River on Monday, August 2, in Barmie town, Jorquelleh District in Bong County.

“They had left for their various farms as usual across the Jor River at about 7:00 am, but around 7:45-8:00 pm, while trying to come back home, a locally-made ferry that was carrying eight persons capsized in the middle of the river,” an eyewitness told KMTV.

Eyewitnesses explained that the ferry capsized when the rope used to pull it towards the river bank unexpectedly cut. Two persons managed to have survived the incident.

“Out of the eight persons who were on board while crossing the river, two managed to have survived, while authorities of the region have launched a severe search for the six missing victims who are believed to have drowned as a result of the Monday’s incident,” the eyewitnesses said.

The leadership of Barmie’s Town including elders has expressed sadness over the incident, adding that it is the first of its kind since the formation of Barmie’s Town.

Investigation continues.