British athlete Nick Butter raises fund’s to fight Prostate Cancer.


A British Marathon Athlete Nick Butter is said to be on a global tour to raise funds to support Prostate Cancer.
Nick age twenty eight years is travelling to one hundred and ninety six countries world wide including Liberia in a Marathon style.
Currently he has completed 48 Countries bulk of whom are in South, North and Central America including the Caribbean, Asia, South Korea,and in Africa namely:Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia,Senegal, Guinea,Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast,Sierra Leone and Liberia.
His run in Liberia on Wednesday marked his 361st Marathon at all times.
The focus of his run is to raise more funds globally to support Prostate Cancer.
According to him in the United Kingdom for example more man died from Prostate Cancer than breast cancer in women something he noted is alarming not only in the UK but the global village at large.
In a move to tackle such international issue Nick is calling on international Companies, Organizations and individuals to donate funds to ( to help support such initiative.
Prostate Cancer he told reporters is under funded in the UK and the world noting that about 300m pounds of income is raised annually by a British group: Charity Cancer Research but only 20m of said income goes to Prostate Cancer this he indicated needs to be changed.
Nick said he is hoping to raise 250,000m pounds in two years time to help address said issue.
According to statistics Prostate Cancer kills one out of eight white man and one out of four black man,this is troubling,he added.
He calls on everyone to see it as a global challenge, “Let’s talk about it,let’s raise more awareness to ensure we reduce it”, he noted.
The international Marathon star praised Liberia for the hospitality shown him during his running time on Wednesday.
He ran about 26m from the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County to Buchanan in Grand Bassa County and was ably assisted by the General Manager of Farmington Hotel Richard Robais.
Also speaking during the press conference Thursday, May 31st,2018 were British Ambassador accredited near Monrovia David Belgrove and Farmington Hotel General Manager Richard Robais both lauded Nick for his effort in supporting cancer.
“This is a great opportunity for us and we appreciate it”,they added.
Ambassador David said Nick’s mission is sending out a global message to the world that Liberia is safe unlike in the past.
As for Richard he wants Nick to serve as an Ambassador for people to see Liberia as a good area for tourism.
Nick acknowledges that unlike other Countries he visited Liberia is stable, secure,beautiful,peaceful and a place to live,as he promised to return to Liberia later.
The exercise which started Jan.6,2018 will climax November 11,2019.
” I got motivated to take on such global task after I realized that one of my colleagues Kelvin through conversation give me a bomb shell information that he had Terminal Prostate cancer,I felt broken down and later got strength to take up such challenge to help safe the world”,Nick intoned.
He said the journey which begun early this year took him two years to plan.
“We have a team of twenty people based in the UK who are working on nutrition, security and physiology issues”,he noted.
The British athlete ran for about one hundred and forty days,four hours,forty five minutes thus far and will take him four and the half closely five months to complete Africa.
He needs 90 visas 30 of which are from Africa to complete his mission.
Upon his completion Nick is expected if done in time to set a Guinness World record of being the first male to visit every Country in the world, the fastest time.
His initiative is the first of it’s kind intended to draw global attention and to as well put UK on the map.
Nick started his running campaign at the age of 11 and is currently 28 years.
Currently Nick has been monitored by the Guinness book of world record for his distance covered, speed and elevation and has been tracked through his GPRS watches including other documents which he has provided to the team.
Mr.Butter is expected to leave Liberia in few days time and return to the UK to continue his global mission.