Buchanan : Man Dies From Alleged Electrocution


A man only identified as Bill on Monday allegedly died from Electrocution in the Dark Forest Field Community in Buchanan.

Residents said they believed that electric shock killed the man about 3:15am on Monday while trying to cut down the electrical wires.

According to the community leader of Dark Forest Field, Mr. Augustus Gibson, the late Bill, who he alleged was notorious, is noted for stealing wires and must have die from it after he attempted stealing a wire providing electricity to many homes in the community.

He said the deceased climbed up a plum tree Monday night to take away wires providing electricity when he met his untimely death.

Mr. Gibson said, the cut electrical wires fell on him unknowingly which resulted in his death.

“He came in our community overnight and climbed up the tree to take down the bigger and longest wire providing electricity to many homes. He intended to secretly take it down and go sell, but unfortunately, he did not see the bare wire which sticks him till his death. He died with the current wire sticking between his legs, fold up his hands and his feet got white instantly”. The zone leader mentioned.

He said the deceased was a high-profile criminal who has been terrorizing people in different communities to an extent where he allegedly stabbed to death one of their neighbors.

“The current wire that killed this man came from a heavy-duty generator that is marketing 24 hours electricity to several stores, shops, private and public facilities including mineral water factories among others” Mr. Gibson narrated.

The community leader attributed the increase in criminal activities in their various communities as a result of the ghettos operating in their area.

He is therefore calling on the government of Liberia to amend the illicit drugs law punishment for dealers, to help reduce crimes in the country.

However, the alleged wire thieve was pronounced dead by the officer in charge of the only referral Government Hospital in Buchanan Mr. Joseph Zondoe who told our correspondent that no parts were extracted from his body but died from current tension which burns him several times until his passing.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police Deport two Commander in Grand Bassa County, George Kanrga said, Police discovered dangerous weapons include: cutlass, knives, four scissors, screw drivers , and several other objects that can be used to break into people homes and even to harm them.

The late Bill who believed to be in his early 30s was laid to rest by scores of disadvantaged youths Monday evening in Buchanan after his lifeless body spent barely 6 hours in the sun.