Caldwell residents stage strick action, demand electricity from National Government.

Caldwell residents stage strick action, demands electricity from National Government.

Several residents of the Township of Caldwell early Monday morning staged a a major strike action demanding National Government immediate intervention to provide them with electricity.
The Township is one of the oldest townships in the Country that has been under developed for several years.
The aggrieved residents say they are tired of living in darkness and is about time that National Government see the need to address their old age concerns.
According to one of the angry residents Rebecca Doe they have on countless occasions informed their Lawmaker Adolph Lawrence on the issue but no positive response they got thus far.
She said due to perpetual darkness in the Township they are living in constant fear as sexual harassment, increase criminal rates she noted are the order of the day.
The aggrieved people in an effort to draw national Government attention staged road blocks at major intersections in the Township there-by stalling the free movement of people on the first and busy working day, Monday.
They said they will continue their protest action until their plights are addressed by national Government.
“It is unfortunate for us to be hosting the Mount Coffee Hydro Dam yet we are not benefiting from it unlike other people , this is unfair” , says one of the protesters.
Caldwell over the period suffered several challenges due to neglect and abandonment from past Governments as ritualistic killings, bad roads and other worrisome vices overshadowed the progress of that part of the Country.
However of late one of the challenges of the Township under President Sirleaf’s led Government was addressed.
The Township road is currently paved with a new bridge as well and had earlier solar panel light but such is no more.
The residents say to complete development in their Community it is key to provide them with electricity.
Caldwell due to the road pavement is Said to be attracting several people and appears to be one of the fastest growing Townships.
The Township which is very strategic links several Communities on the Bushrod to include, Garnesville New Georgia and Barnesville, White Planes, Fendell and many others and if the demand of the people is met it would help further improve the lives of the people and brings about infrastructure development to the Country.
Photo Courtesy:
Emmanuel Doe Jaryenneh.