Jamima Wolokollie Calls for Chairman Mulbah Morlu’s Removal


Ayeason Yeeba (Intern)

Deputy Commerce Minister Jamima Wolokollie has launched a campaign calling for the removal of Coaliation for Democratic change (CDC) chairman, Mulbah Morlu.

Speaking on the Monday’s June 29 edition of the ‘OK Conversation,’ Madam Wolokollie branded chairman Morlu as one who gossips the presidency and lacks leadership over the party.

Madam Wolokollie named Chairman Morlu, Rep. Thomas Fallah, Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, and Rep. Acarous Gray as people who have hijacked the party in every aspect.

She noted that their attitudes over the years have rendered many of their partisans to have left, referencing Mr. Bobby Kalando and others.

The Deputy Commerce Minister explained that she sponsored the CDC 2005 Convention in Grand Bassa County, stressing that Morlu and others were much younger to contribute moral, financial,and logical support to prepare the party at the time.

She claimed that the chairman and others are now presenting themselves as the only faces of the party, an act she described as “hijacking.”

“We organised that great party which is today, that few people want to Hijack and it will never happen again,” she added.

Commenting on the resignation of Rep. Acarous Gray, madam Wolokollie thanked Rep. Gray, but termed his decision as greedy and belated.

“When did he realized that he had to resign to give other people the chance, when?”

Madam Jamima Wolokollie said all efforts by her to restore decency among the four individuals have proven fruitless.

Internal battling between Chairman Morlu and Madam Wolokollie seems far from being over,as she’s now calling for his removal as party chair.


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