Cassava Leave Seller Cries Out for Humanitarian Support


By Titus Yerkeryan

Lorpu George, a widow who sells cassava leaves at the Gbarnga Central market for survivability is calling on humanitarian and goodwill individuals to help improve her business.

Madam George lost her husband during the last Liberian civil war and has since been engaged in selling potato-green and cassava leaves in the market.

According to her, her current market is the only source of livelihood as she uses the sales to buy food for her and the children in the house.

“Sometimes I can make $200 LD a day and sometimes 250; so whatever amount I make, I buy rice and cook for me and my children. Sometimes when the market not fine, I can credit from one of my friends just to cook for my kids,” said.


Madam George told KMTV that whatever help she gets; she will want to start a waiter market instead of walking long distances from the places she usually collects the cassava leaves before going to sell in the market.

“I am really tired with this business but what will I do when I don’t have any means of feeding my children? I just need to continue but when someone can help me with at least US$200, I can start my new business.”

At the moment, Madam George said she has nothing to give her children ahead of the festive season and is therefore calling on the public to assist her to find food for her kids.

If you can be of help to Madam George and her children, please do not hesitate to send whatever you have through this mobile money number +231888977243 (Registered Sim Name Titus Yerkeryan)