CDC Lawmaker Dallas Gweh Attempts to ‘Lure Voters’


By: Eric Gerlay ( Intern)

Just a few days of alleged voters’ trucking against the ruling Coalition For Democratic Change (CDC) Senatorial candidates in Bomi county, Alex Tyler, a white Legislative Pickup with the plate number ‘Sen 23’ was on Tuesday afternoon seen in the Redhill community, Paynesville allegedly trucking citizens to Rivercess County.

Onboard the pickup was community dwellers including regular voters, first-time voters, and teenagers allegedly being trucked.

KMTV gathered that they were allegedly taken to the county to register and vote for the CDC Candidate who is the Chair on Senate’s Committee on Education, Dallas Gweh.

The voters were allegedly promised of getting US$ 20 dollars each upon completing their voting registration process in the county.

One individual who refused to mention his name said that they were given US$10 each as an initial payment with a promise of getting their balance upon the completion of the process.

“The CDC carrying us to vote one man they call Senator Dallas Gweh in Rivercess county.

They are giving us $10 USD before leaving and when everything finished then they give the balance US$10. We are plenty but pickup can’t carry all of us now, so the first group of people are going and then the car will come for the others later,” he said.

Alleged trucking of voters was reported in Bomi county since the beginning of the Voters’ Roll Update exercise for the December 8th Senatorial elections.

Speaking with reporters on Monday night, Bomi County Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe alleged that the Ruling CDC candidate Alex Tyler has been trucking commercial voters in the county something he said could undermine the process.

The Election’s law of Liberia strongly prohibits trucking of voters, the act which undermines free and fair elections in any democratic society.