CDC’s Presidential Strong Hold Turns Back at Liberia 175th Independence Celebration


What has turned out to be a bitter moment for the people of Grand Gedeh is the latest quest by its Legislative Caucus calling on citizens of the county to boycott Liberia’s 175th Independence celebration.

Barely a few hours to July 26, a day that is honorably noted in the history of Liberia as citizens in and out of the country hold in high esteem, Liberians were astonished about the recent decision by the Caucus.

Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus on Saturday, July 23, 2022, announced to the public that it has taken a back at Liberia’s 175th Independence Celebration, and asked all citizens in and out of the county to do the same.

This action by the Caucus could be worrisome to the government which is being led by the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC).

Grand Dedeh County is one of the fifteen counties of Liberia that has over election years demonstrated immense support for the Presidency of current President George Weah.

Unfortunately, the county Lawmakers and citizens will not join their Presidential favorite President George Weah to celebrate this year’s Independence celebration on counts of continuous mysterious deaths and disappearances of citizens in the county.

The County Legislative Caucus addressing the press conference told journalists that the mysterious deaths and disappearances of citizens are becoming almost an unprecedented norm without “Justice” for the victims.

“We can not be celebrating Independence with the government when our people especially an enterprising young man and NEC Logistics Officer Mr. Alfred T. Dunner are gone missing”.

This, the lawmakers noted is a “mooning time that calls for no celebration”

The latest was the mysterious disappearance of the National Elections Commission Logistics Officer in Grand Dedeh days after the recently held by-election in the county, which claimed the Legislative Caucus’s attention to take a position.

Their statement is a move to call national and international attention to the mysterious disappearance of NEC Logistics Officer Mr. Alfred T. Dunner after the recently held by-election in the county.

Even though the Caucus was not specific about the actual cause of the mysterious disappearance bore concerns are still being raised about such controversy in a CDC Presidential stronghold.

In the wake of the questionable circumstances in the county tension continue to mount in the county as the victim’s family and kinsman are furious over the situation, thereby demanding answers “they are yet to get and Grand Gedeh is Sad”.

The Caucus in the Press statement said “In recent times Grand Gedeh has seen numerous disappearance and secret killings in part of the Gbarzon District that must be thoroughly investigated to give justice to the victims as well as the aggrieved”.

The Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus has called on President Weah to suspend any appointed government official alleged to be linked to the disappearance of AAlfredDunner.

The group of lawmakers unveiled that their continuous calls to the President have been to no avail which they believe is troublesome for the stability and peace of the county.

“To date, we have neither heard of nor seen anybody standing trial in respect of Mr. Dunner’s issue and that the matter even appeared to be generating zero legal interest at the level of the Justice Ministry” the cause alluded to in its press statement.

The lawmakers asserted that the grave matter seems to be on its way under the carpet.

Grand Gedeh Legislative Caucus at the same time called on the Ministry of Justice to uphold the full foundational right to life by ensuring justice is served.


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