Charlyne Brumskine highlights self-abstinence and focus in girls’ pursuance


With Women empowerment as may or has been understood as one of the major tools to their inclusion in society, Liberian Women are now taking a strong stand on such perception.

This counts among many other steps being or been taken with the Managing Attorney of the CMB Law Group in Liberia Charlyne Brumskine taking no exception.

Upon call made by the Executive Director of Youth for Change Alex Devine to speak to young women and girls on how they can be motivated, respected and contribute to social growth ,the CMB Law Group Boss Charlyne Brumskine subscribed and spread out words to the girls in order to make their lives better.

The presence of one of Liberia’s Female Lawyers at program marking the celebration of International Day of the Girl Child held at YMCA organized by the Youth for Change brought light to the program as the many girls who participated felt impactful.

In her message to the young women and girls of Liberia, Miss. Brumskine stressed the need for girls to originate from a background of self-abstinence in order to become needed icons.

Obedience, patience, focus, tolerance self respect among others are morals she wants young girls and women take into consideration if they must achieve their dreams.

Potentials when exploding according to the Former Presidential Candidate Daughter needs to be in accordance to good morals and values and respect for old, communities, and society at large.

The Brumskine Family Foundation President cautioned the young women not to subscribe to sexual activities in order to become prominent, rich or achieve but move in the spirit of focus and determination.

She at the same time stressed unity among young people and Liberians in general which according to her is a tool to prosperity and national development.

Division, Miss Brumskine noted is not a physical fight in Liberia but spiritual and young people must now take the lead in getting rid of it.

She narrated her success story to the girls in a move of keeping the spirit of zest to heir quest for extensive approach.

The motivated words to the girls proceeded with responses and questions marked by the organizer ( Youth for Change ) and will be used as a milestone to further programs for young women and girls.