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Chase Bank Concludes Training for  LIBA-Diaspora Members 

A major partner to the Liberia Business Association -Diaspora  has concluded training for members of the association at the entity’s office on Thursday, November 17, 2022.
JP Morgan Chase Bank facilitated the training focusing on “Your next-level business, building a foundation that lasts”.
During the training, members went over their business SWOT ( strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) in planning activities that can help them sharpen their purpose, mission, and vision.
JP Morgan Chase Bank’s facilitators speaking at the training encourage business owners to know that their business is their baby, and like a baby it has them running around, up at night, and riding the highs and lows of everything they need to do.
JP Morgan Chase Bank facilitators at the training
The facilitator encouraged them to take a breath and organized their thoughts into clear statements that can guide their business.
Other areas the training focused on was establishing a foundation for business growth which deals with choosing a business structure including sole proprietorship, partnership,
C -corporation, S-cooperation, and limited liability company amongst others.
CHASE Bank training reminded participants to also map out their process and workflow which is key to better operations in understanding what they do.
The process recommended was sourcing and inventory, manufacturing, fulfillment, service delivery, marketing sales, accounting, and treasury.
Focusing on technology, the CHASE bank facilitator reminded business owners to develop agility and resilience which will enable them to adapt to the ups and downs, for instant protect businesses from cyber threats.
According to the facilitator,  large companies are not the only targets of cyberattacks, hackers are interested mostly in easy money and want them to make it harder for hackers to break through.
Consumer service was also highlighted during the training as it relates to putting people first because they are key and building a workplace people want to be part of.
Nodding their heads in agreement with most of the issues the facilitator spoke about, LIBA-Diaspora members acknowledge that they have been doing most of the activities but had not written them down in such a logical manner that will guide them.
Some members of LIBA-Diaspora at Chase Bank training in Minnesota, USA
However, JP Margan’s facilitator reminded them that once it is written down and structured it makes more sense and helps guide them in the process of running a smooth business.
LIBA-USA President Mr. Jackson George lauded JP Morgan Chase Bank for being the only banking partner that has initially agreed to work with LIBA-Diaspora.
Mr. Jackson George, Executive Director
He said, their actions are coming into reality and are upbeat that members will benefit from more capacity-building training.

The Liberian Business Association in the Diaspora was founded in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota in 2016. The founders saw the need for Liberian-owned and minority businesses to network and share resources in order to protect their interest and leverage their potential.



The Liberian Business Association in the Diaspora since its inception, has been very successful in designing and implementing strategies to engage Liberian-owned and minority businesses, initiating programs to garner support for minority business owners.

The goal is to pull together and leverage resources for sustainable growth and development.

The Association’s Annual program is designed to showcase and appreciate business owners who have exceeded the ordinary and raise funds for its operations.

The African Business Women Symposium creates the environment for increase participation of women of color, especially immigrant women into business.

This medium provides the opportunity for women with the expertise to share their stories and inspire others in overcoming  fears in venturing into business.

LIBA-Diaspora has also developed a “Career Discovery Circle” and a “Business Accelerator 1.0” to encourage individuals wanting to do business.

Nathan P. Charles
Nathan P. Charles
A multimedia journalist with over ten years practicing. I earned a degree in Journalism, from the University of Liberia in 2012 and several international training in Japan, London,China, USA, and with knowledge gained , I’m well suited to keep giving voice to the voiceless and telling the untold stories. Currently residing in the USA, I’m engaged into several media development works . Email: choiceice8@gmail.com

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