Cheap Propaganda, Executive Mansion Reacts to President George Weah Resignation Gossip


Deputy Presidential Press Secretary Smith Toby has described as cheap Propaganda, rumor of President George Weah plan resignation as Leader of Liberia.

According to Mr. Toby the rumor and or gossip is false, misleading and intended to confuse the minds of the people, something he noted is unacceptable.

It can be recalled in streets Corner that if about 500,000 Liberians get into the street to Protest President Weah’s Step-Down campaign, he will resign as President of Liberia, this Toby considered as far from the truth and a mere political rumor.

Speaking to Executive Mansion Reporters Tuesday December 3, 2019 at his Foreign Ministry office in Monrovia the Deputy Press Secretary assured Liberians that their leader is strong, healthy and remains fully committed to serving them and has absolutely no plan to resign as previously rumored across the Country.

He called on Liberians to focus on the core issues to help transform Liberia for the betterment of all and desist from too much politics.

At the same time Mr. Toby has confirmed that the President most recent communication to members of the National Legislature requesting a one-week special session has been received in good fate by members of that August Body.

Currently he pointed out and in testimony of their fulfillment to their legislative duties, Lawmakers are now discussing key national issues for the betterment of the Country, Smith added.

The one-week crucial session will among other things, he stressed look at the finalization, deliberation and authorization to the Central Bank of Liberia for the printing of new Liberian Dollar Bank Notes, The confirmation of the Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia designate Aloysius Tarlue and other nominated officials as well as the passage of financial and other key instruments which were on their desks before their constituency break including the considerations of other key agreements.

It is hoped that the Lawmakers though due to limited time as they appear to be under pressure looking at the crucial nature for which they were called to assemble will do due diligence to the issues and work in the supreme interest of the masses.