CHESS-Liberia Launches Community Access To Justice Project In Nimba


Nimba County-

A non-governmental organization named Health Education and social Services (CHESS) founded on February 16, 2004, to respond to the urgent preventive health needs of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Liberia and Sierra Leonean.  About 250, 000 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and 50,000 Sierra Leonean refugees were hosted in Saclepea City, central Nimba County. The organization is specialized in Community Health (Preventive) Research and livelihood for sustainable rural development and is also empowering communities to ensure access to Preventive health knowledge and Services for all to enhance community and family economic potency and development.

CHESS-Liberia is helping to strengthen the rule of law in Country on a UNDP/OHCHR funded project tittle: “Community Access to Justice. The project which will be implemented in 55 communities in Nimba County, mainly in Wee-Gbehyi, YarwinMensonnon, Doe, Boe and Quilla and Buu-Yao Administrative Districts object is to build positive linkage between the formal and informal justice actors to create legal literacy awareness for 25,000 people in those communities, and provide pro bono aid and representation for fifty rural indigents from now to 2020.

Speaking at the launch of the program in Saclepea, the Executive Director of CHESS-Liberia, Mr. Alexander Nyahn, Jr, said his organization is sponsor by the United nation development program [UNDP] to help strengthen the rule of law in Liberia.

He said the project’s objective is to build positives linkage between the formal and informal justice actors and create legal literacy awareness for 250,000 people and provide pro-bono legal aid and representation for 50 rural indigents.

The executive Director for CHESS-Liberia disclosed that his organization will make an impact in the lives of rural dwellers and help to inform them to have access to justice.

For his part the Associate Dean of Arthur Grimes school of Law and the head of Detho Beyan and Associates Law Firm, Cllr. Jamal C. Dehtho urged Nimbaians to be people who respect the rule of law. According to him no nation can develop if its citizens do not respect the law.He disclosed that he will be in the various communities were CHESS-Liberia will be operating to help spread the message.

Our Nimba County correspondent said the launch was attended by local authorities of Saclepea Mahn district who pledge their support to work with CHESS-Liberia in-order to achieve the organization’s goal.

The citizens referred to the coming of CHESS-Liberia as a great relief to them. They disclosed that for the past years they have cover more than five to six hours distance before having access to justice. They acknowledged that the coming of the organization will be a great help for them.