Child Right advocate Satta Sheriff condemns Sexual Abuse at “More Than Me Academy”; Challenges Government to Act Promptly


Former speaker of the Liberian Children Representative forum and child Right advocate Satta Sheriff has condemned in the strongest term sexual abuse at “More Than Me Academy” in Monrovia.

“More Than Me” is an American operated aid organization providing scholarship for poor Liberian girls living in one of Liberia’s biggest and challenged slum communities, West Point.

The school coordinator McIntosh Johnson (late) raped and knowingly infested approximately 30 Liberian girls with HIV/AIDS both home and on the school’s premises in the name of providing scholarship for them.

Addressing a news conference at the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) on Tuesday, Satta Sheriff rendered the act as unacceptable and inhumane.

The former speaker of the Liberian Children Representative forum is quoted as saying, “no girl in Liberia must be allowed to face such abuse simply because of quality education and a search to improve their living condition they never created”.

She however employed the Ministry of Justice to swiftly intervene in the matter so as to give the rape victims hope and justice.

 “Those girls deserve Justice and Medical intervention”, Satta said.

Madam Sheriff however pleaded with the government not to close the school because the girls deserve to be in school.

Meanwhile, the child right advocate employed the government to set up an independent team with professional child protection knowledge to run More Than Me Academy during the period of investigation.