Clashes over increased in key commodities on the local market.

Prices of local commodities are said to be sky rocketing on the local market.
The current economic condition has been inherited by the new government as the new administration has a huge task to perform.
During a month long visit to Liberia after five years of exile life, a Liberian Journalist Cyrus J. Mcgee was shocked to know that a pepper mate for example is currently sold for two for fifteen Liberian Dollars instead of the previous two or three for five Liberia Dollars respectively five years ago or so.
Not only pepper mate but also Farina, ground peanut, sugar and many others are also been affected by the increased in local products as the ordinary people whom President Weah promised to protect and prioritize are normally the consumers and are feeling the pinch from all corners.
It can be recalled that former President Sirleaf told local media that her government has no price control as such the business people capitalized on such and were as well as up till press time doing their own thing as the people are now the victims of current circumstances,an issue the current Government is as well yet to address.
The current situation is alarming and requires urgent attention said Cyrus Mcgee.
According to him it is time for Liberia to make maximum use of its rich sold and help empower local farmers to ensure that they farm well and grow what they eat and eat what they grow.
It can be recalled that the recast budget recently passed into Law by members of the 54th National Legislation did not caption nor prioritize Agriculture unlike roads and education.
In contrast to the pro-poor agenda the recast budget reduced the Agriculture component of the budget by 60-75% while both the office of the first lady Clar Weah and John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital has 500,000usd respectively.
The CDC led government has several huge competing priorities to address as rush for jobs, go-slow and strick actions are now the order of the day.
Their main focus is to ensure that they get the attention of the President in a move to if possibly addressed there concerns.
Until the many issues can be addressed especially with the high expectations of the people, the CDC led government will have a lot to do to help change the lives of the citizens as according to Bishop Emeritus Gueh there is no need for excuses for President Weah as such whatever he has to do he should do it now.