Clergyman Names, Love, Tolerance and Political-Will as Driving Forces to Liberia’s Genuine Reconciliation


Amidst the ongoing bickering and economic crisis facing the nation and its people, a Liberian Clergyman Rev. Luther Tarpeh has named tolerance, love and political -will as the best driven forces to ensure a genuine reconciliation in the Country.
According to him there is too much hate, selfishness and corruption eating up the fabrics of the society and needs to be holistically addressed by the Country.
He said such initiative should have a driving force, adding that the Liberian leader George Weah through political-will can lead said campaign.
Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Rev. Tarpeh encouraged President Weah to initiate a national dialogue conference to bring together all actors of the society to discussed critical national issues and form a way forward to truly and practically reconcile the nation and its people.
“Let’s Dialogue, bring forth our ideas, suggestions and ensure we help collectively develop our nation”, Rev. Tarpeh stressed.
The board chairman of the national Motorcycle & Tricycle Union of Liberia at the same time called on all Liberians to develop the spirit of love for Country and do away with vises that will plunge the nation into its dark past.
He urged Liberians in general to focus on positive ventures to help move their mother land forward.
At the same time Rev.Tarpeh added that despite political differences and religious backgrounds, it is key for tolerance to be upheld by government including all citizens of the Country.
Tolerance he pointed out is part of good democratic tenants and should at all times be encouraged in Liberia.

The motivational speaker also recommended a national orientation program to be initiated for the common good of the Country.
The endeavor which he noted should be led by the Ministry of Education will create the necessary awareness and education on how Liberians amongst other things can exhibit a spirit of love for Country, love for each other and ownership of national security including maintaining and protecting the peace of the Country.
Rev. Tarpeh uttered that Liberia can only get on par with its global counterparts once the people believe in themselves and maximize their full potential, encouraging young people in said drive to jump start said initiative.
” Government cannot do it alone but we in the private sector can work along with national government to help develop Liberia collectively”, he added.