Cllr. Cooper Krah and team takes over at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. Promises to deliver effectively stock pile of mails at the Ministry as part of his first agenda.


Summerhill Kazor writes.

Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah, Sr., has officially been taken office as post master General of Liberia.

In his acceptance speech, the Minister said, he will work with the staffs of the Ministry to reawaken the functions and responsibilities of the Ministry’s mandate.

According to the Post Master General, there will be no witch hunt, notwithstanding, he will not allow staffs sleeping or lazy mentality on duties.

Minister Kruah said, his administration will begin with a clean up exercise, beginning from the interior to the exterior parts of the Ministry. In his words, when people are passing outside and see the outside part of the building they will understand and be convinced of what we are and what we are doing inside here. He also said there will be a quick impact approach to the leakage in the building.

He however, reiterated the need for postal services in the counties to be reactivated to carryout postal functions across the country.

Cllr. Kruah at the same time praised President George Weah for preferring them among several qualified and competent Liberians to render service to the Liberian people.

He said, as the President has required of them to make some strives, he also will expect every staff to improvise and be innovative to make maximum use of whatever working equipment available until the intervention of the new administration.
Cllr. Kruah wonders why a stock packed mails have not been delivered to their respective designated locations and cautioned that the quick delivery of those stocked pack mails will be part of the first agenda of the Ministry under his administration.

Also speaking, Deputy Minister of Administration Post and Telecommunications, Cllr. Edward Goba, called for effectiveness, commitment and sincerity amongst workers of the Ministry. Hon. Goba said, with these attributes, the staffs and the management team will fairly collaborate to enhance productivity and result at the Ministry.

Also speaking, the Director of Human Resources, Saynu Weah, welcomed Minister Cooper W. Kruah, Sr. and his Team to the Ministry and pledge the staffs’ unflinching support to his administration.

The turnover ceremony was graced by employees of the Ministry, several dignitaries including partners.

Credited by:Summerhill Kazor.