By: Clarence T. Barjibo (Grand Cape Mount County)

Sen. Varney Sherman said, Grand Cape Mount County has been noted for peace but the just ended voters’ roll update fight has caused serious division among Cape-mounteans.

Cllr. Sherman condemned recent violent protest in Jenneh, Latia, Jenewale, and other parts of the county.

He said the reason behind the violence is because some cape-mounteans are supporting candidates that only essentialize feast instead of development in the county.

“Not because the person has the capacity to do the job, you are taking Cutlasses for each other, today when I stand in the house of the elders (Senate), friends tell me that people who I’m representing are divided.” he  said.

Sen. Sherman continued “Those of you that are involved in the violence, you have not only spoiled our county name, but you have shocked our mouth because our speeches and advocacies have lost credibility.”

The Grand Cape Mount County Senator said, the violence that took place in Cape Mount among his kinsmen is the first to occurred in his life, stressing it is a shame.

“No civilized men will take cutlasses for each other for candidates in election as such we have become a county of a butcher and election violence, that is the name we have, if you people don’t know, it is the name we cape-mounteans have in Monrovia “he laments.

Election violence is breaching the electoral proceeding and it is prohibited under the new electoral law chapter 10.1a and chapter 3. That states, that voters trucking is prohibited and a person is only required to vote in his / her electoral residence where he /she did before” he added”

Meanwhile, Cllr. Sherman cautioned his kinsmen to vote the right candidate that will seek the interest and development of Grand Cape Mount county.

” If your elect a lion, tiger or an elephant, I will work with that person” he assures”
He said, he is not supporting any candidate in the ensuing December 8, 2020 senatorial election and as such anyone that will be elected he will work collaboratively with that individual for the growth and development of Cape Mount.

Cllr, Sherman said, some people believe that when you are elected as senator, then a mean only feast, or sharing zinc during raining season but knowing your oversight responsibility and true meaning of leadership.

” The place you have elected me to work, is the area of the legislature and as such we need people to make law, have a broad idea about the law of Liberia, have oversight responsibility skills over the executive branch , Make budget to the executive to implement.” he said.

The Grand Capemount Senator noted that people are sent to the legislature to protect the commoners and their benefits.

For his part,  Robertsport City Mayor, Mr. J. Edwin Korha, appreciated Cllr. Sherman for his quick intervention as it relates to the recent electoral violence in cape mount.

He said Cllr. Sherman intervention clearly indicate the true meaning of representation at the Legislative palace.

” What you did today , continue to give us flash back of your consistent oversight responsibility in the county, as it relates to to development and peace.” he noted.