“Cllr. Sherman Undermines Peace and Development in Cape Mount Co.” Says Karteh


By: Clarence T. Barjibo

The Communication Officer of Grand Cape Mount county, Lawrenzo Karteh says, decentralization and transparency are major keys to the development agenda of the county.

According to Mr. Karteh, the distribution of development funds to various districts in cape mount is welcoming as he disagreed with the county Senator over his recent statement.

Speaking when he appeared on a local radio station in Robert sport city via mobile, Mr.  Lawrenzo said their Senator Cllr. Varney Sherman is sharing message of divisiveness in the county.

It can be recalled, on September 26, 2020, Cllr. Varney Sherman hold an engagement meeting with Capemounteans about violence and other developmental issues and during the meeting Cllr. Sherman said, Cape Mount is noted for peace, but voters’ roll update process has created serious division among Capemounteans in Jenneh Liberia, Latia, Jenewale and other parts of cape mount.

But Mr. Karteh said, Cllr. Sherman is preaching that there is a need for reconciliation and at the same time undermining the budget law, which he claims might give room to another conflict.

” The law is clear that indeed the county has a development account and when you read the budget law, the budget law didn’t disclose social and county development fund but rather it is one account.” he added.

He said, those that are signatories to the county’s account according to the budget law are, the Fiscal Affairs Superintendent, County Superintendent and the PMC chairperson.

” Budget law is a law specifying the schedule and procedures by which the budget should be prepared, approved, executed, accounted for and final accounts submitted for approval.

For Cllr. Sherman to have organized in their own way and open social development account and have someone outside of the administrative sectors and signatory to that account and begin to distribute funds, is a violation to the budget law.” he arrived.

Mr. Karteh noted, during the distribution or opening of the social development account of the county, those personalities were out of the process.