COP Suspends Puka Roberts and Others


The Executive Committee of the Council of Patriots has with immediate effect suspended several members from its Youth Wing.

Those suspended are, Ben Believe Togbah, Jr. – Chairman, Puka Roberts ,Lansana S. Kanneh, Michael Varney, Foday N. Massaquoi, Kendrick Pelenah, Da-Silva Robertson and Joshua Francis Kar.

The above suspended members will remain suspended pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation into the facts and circumstances leading to the press conference in which they averred that the Youth Wing of the COP was suspending its membership from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

A release issued state “COP likes to make abundantly clear that  while it supports the ideologies of the CPP, the organization is not an auxiliary of the CPP and hence there is no way its Youth Wing can suspend membership from the CPP.”

Henry Costa Chairman of the group said the advocacy of the COP is to see a better Liberia in which everyone will be treated equally; a Liberian in which corruption, incessant violation of the rule of law and other societal ills are not the hallmark of governance.

While Ben Togbah is suspended, the Vice Chair for Administration of the Youth Wing, Sameria Nyemah will act as Chair.

The Executive Committee of the COP calls on all to cooperate with Sameria and give her the full courtesy she deserves as acting chair of the COP Youth Wing.

Meanwhile,  COP is calling on all those suspended to fully cooperate with the investigation.



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