“Cohesive CDC”, Says Ruling Party Chairman Mulbah Morlu

CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu
CDC Chairman Mulbah Morlu

The press conference started unusual in the Papie Solo conference hall at the party’s headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia.

Firstly, there were battle cries which saw senior officials of the ruling party jogging and chanting  mantras  “The militants are ready to fight….. the party will survive… moment later it turned into a church mode with the singing of a famous song “ Might Jehovah.. Holy Jehovah …father destroyed their plans and prayer was offered.

Mr. Mulbah Morlu, Chair of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the man in the center of the controversy with the Liberian leader concerning a leak audio recording dress in blue shirt, took over the press conference and spoke about what he calls “Reconciliation and Christmas message ” but also dived into politics.

Today’s conference did not addressed the specifics of the leak audio recording , neither did he confirmed nor denied that it was his voice on the audio.

But Front Page Africa reported that the CDC chairman speaking in an interview said  “If I ever did say that the president is sleeping with Ms. Diana Nebo, Deputy Managing Director for Administration at the NPA, obviously it has to be a statement made out of frustration and anger, especially during the period of internal crisis; or that Bill Twehway wants to be VP? Firstly, there are no intentions to replace the current Vice President, as she remains the permanent No. 2 on the ticket going forward into 2023.”

Morlu continued. “These are things anyone would say when angry, but it does not necessarily mean it is the truth. Whatever I have ever had to say to the President was said directly; anything else is mere liquor talk.”

The CDC Chairman Morlu, reading from a prepared text at today’s conference started out by commending Liberian President George Weah for the 45 buses from the India government, which he says, will ease the transport crisis in the country mainly for students at the state run University .

Mulbah Morlu Thomas Fallah
Mulbah Morlu & Thomas Fallah

Diving in and out of politics as he extended seasons greetings to Liberians,  Chairman Morlu said “as we sail through our common challenges this festive seasons, let us remember that Liberia  is our common denominator.”

He said the National Executive Committee of the CDC extends season’s greetings to the people of Liberia who continue to show support to President George Weah.

Chairman Morlu also encourages stewards of the CDC to reach out to neighbors, feed people who are hungry, care for the sick amongst others as a sign of observing the festive seasons  .

Said Morlu  “lets remain hopeful and knowing that the man we elected President will not failed.”

On the country economy, Morlu boasted that it is showing signs of bouncing back stronger., but failed to give details.

The party Chairman also said recent deliberation by President Weah on ELBC radio reassured the people of Liberia and inspire the nation about his mandate given him.

He said the President spoke frankly on the issues in the country and blasted opposition who want to destroy Liberia. “Our President commitment level has increase , he is dedicated to the task for which he was elected.”

Representative Thomas Fallah
Jefferson Koijee  & Representative Thomas Fallah

In another development, Representative Thomas Fallah, reassured the CDC’s  Chairman Mulbah Morlu, that members of the CDC Legislative caucus maintained confidence in his ability to lead the party .

For his part Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee, dress in his usual khaki outfit sounding more vocal said those plotting against the CDC party has failed .

“For us, attack on the CDC is never a strange scenario” stressing that members of the ruling party are even stronger when there’s failed attempt to disunite them.

Mayor Jefferson Koijee
Mayor Jefferson Koijee

Jefferson said, the CDC that people underestimate is now in power and they were gathered at the CDC headquarters  to remind people in the opposition that their message is stronger  and those who believed that the CDC is never strong are fooling themselves.

He clarified that there is no rift between the political leader of the people’s party (CDC) and officials  .

Koijee  alleged that opposition who fought the party  yesterday have not disappeared but are transforming in several forms,“ the party will succeed , Ambassador Weah will succeed,  the people will succeed” he lamented .”

Continued Koijee “We fought you before we defeated you, you can’t scare us here, who are you by the way, our people here give us the mandate and we will jealously protect the mandate.”




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