Commerce Minister Wilson Tarpeh takes drastic decision.


The ministry of Commerce and industry through its Minister Wilson Tarpeh has fine the Fouani Brothers $25,000 USD for hacking the price of chicken eggs on the Liberia market for nearly one month.

The decision by Minister Tarpeh was welcoming as some pundits in their words say:The pro poor government is working.

As reported by KMTV and other media outlets in Liberia recently of the shortage of eggs on the local market which then affected the ordinary people.

A cart of egg was increase to 800.00ld instead of 400.00 as one egg was sold for 40 to 50.00ld respectively.

But after investigation the Ministry among other things identified the artificial doer of the hack in the price of egg on the local market.

The decision by the Ministry is welcoming as more needs to be done if the people should feel the direct impact of the pro-poor agenda of President Weah’s administration,added a concern Liberian.

Several flauds have engulfed the local market and economy in general as the new Government through its business arm, the Commerce Ministry needs to do more to help tangible improve the lives of the people.