Concrete Actions, Not Lip-service: CENTAL Urges President Weah to Lead by Example in Fight Against Corruption in Liberia


By: Eric Gerlay (Intern)

The Central for Transparency and Accountability In Liberia (CENTAL) is calling on the George Weah Government to take a more robust and concrete action in the fight against corruption in Liberia.

CENTA’s Executive Director, Anderson D. Miamen addressing a press conference in Monrovia  calls on President Weah, State Prosecutors, and all relevant public integrity institutions to lead by examples in  the fight against Corruption in the country.

The anti-corruption group boss further said the construction of multiple expensive properties by President Weah and dropping of charges against some former Central Bank of Liberia officials who were implicated in the missing 16 billion dollars saga is sadden for Liberia.

It says, the dropping of charges against Charles Sirleaf, has the propensity to cause serious economic instability, and at the same time validates former President Sirleaf’s assertion of May 2019 that her son was unjustifiably and illegally charged.

CENTA’s Executive Director, Anderson D. Miamen

CENTAL reveals that all the country can boast since the ascendency of President Weah are multiple investigative audits, gross incompetency, asset verification and other reports which are never timely and impartially implemented.

“Fellow Liberians and partners, the continuous inability of successive political administrations to sincerely tackle corruption and bad governance continues to stifle Liberia’s progress.  After over fourteen (14) years of passing critical laws and establishing anti-graft institutions, it appears our leaders are yet to truly recognize Corruption as the leading cause of Liberia’s fragility, vulnerability and gross underdevelopment.” The group Director Miamen noted.

CENTAL said  recent investigation into discrepancies at the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), for which a senior official was dismissed in 2020, is still a privilege document for officials of government, while reported credential discrepancies by some officials of government are grossly ignored by the leadership.” CENTAL added.

“How long can this be allowed to continue? After nearly two years, the 25 million USD mop-up exercise is still being investigated, while reports into review of past concessions by the Government of Liberia is still being kept as a top secret.”CENTEL boss Miamen added.

However, the George Weah government has denied any form of corruption .

It can be recalled, Information Minister Nagbe said Weah’s personal properties represent no conflict of interest and his detractors are “unfair” to use his legitimately acquired wealth against him especially when Weah has “not been distracted”.

“He’s played professional football, he’s got a lot of property in Liberia, a lot of property in the United States, properties in France, and he’s done that without even being in the government,” said Nagbe.